Monday, June 14, 2010

sorry for all the feel good motivational posts, but it is the only thing getting me through right now....this wait is harder than I ever thought it would be...some interesting twists and turns have developed....our "story" is not an easy one to tell.......we are trying to stay positive.....due date is June 20th...hopefully by then we will have some answers......thanks to you all for your kind words, prayers and listening ears!!
"Hope inspite of hopeless circumstances,
Keep believing!
Keep praying!
Focus on the god who makes the impossible possible" .
thanks S!


Brooke said...

why would you appologize? Keep 'em coming! a reminder to focus on the Lord and that he is watching over us is something we could all stand to have from time to time.

Melba said...

Thinking of you and hoping/praying for the best on June 20!


Giantspeedbump said...

I've been away for a week and have been thinking about you every day, hoping it's going well. Good to hear all continues to move along. Fingers and toes are crossed!!