Saturday, November 29, 2008

had to share....

Just something I wanted to share...A very small portion of my Mom's sermon this Sunday, when my Mom was away last week she asked me if it was okay to use some of my blog entries in a sermon she was going to do soon....not only do I think it is kind of cool that I am part of her sermon.. but I really did learn something from it....

Isaiah 64:1-9
“The Advent of Hope: Seeing God’s Face
November 30, 2008 YEAR B
A good many of you have met my daughter Michelle and her husband Terry. Michelle and I are very close and talk to each other on the phone at least once a day…sometimes more. Well one morning just before we left on holidays Michelle mentions to me she doesn’t know what is wrong because she just can’t get into the Christmas spirit. Now this is very unusual for Michelle for normally right about the middle of November she gets busy decorating her house with beautiful decorations making their living space look like it should be in Better Homes. Then she gets out her good books and begins planning the food that she will serve at what has become an annual Christmas party for their friends.
A few days later as she was shopping at Micheal’s …the great craft store many of us like to visit whenever we are in London she wrote the following in an e-mail when we were away “So I walk in and I start hearing the Christmas I told you …[before]
I am not really feeling the season like usual so the tunes kind of annoyed me......but I was in stamp paradise (one of Michelle’s hobbies is scrapbooking) so I wasn't paying too much attention to the modern rendition of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire"....and then I saw it, … all the coolest kids Christmas Crafts????????? Well I don't know why....but that was it, I stood there and thought to myself...this is what I want to be doing I want to be doing Christmas Crafts with our kids...I'm done with making my Christmas Tree look like it is out of a magazine and I don't want to have a fancy adult party with the perfect
hors d’oeuvres, I just want to make homemade tacky ornaments that don't match and don't have a theme with our kids?????So there I am standing in the middle of the display with tears starting to well up…I guess this is what they meant when they said you are going to have some bad days in the "waiting period"?????!!!!”
This year has been a difficult year for Michelle and Terry. As I have mentioned to a few of you they found out this past spring after many tests that they are unable to have children of their own. So after a lot of soul searching they decided to proceed with all the necessary paperwork, interviews and workshops as all the details of their lives were examined to become adoptive parents. And so now they wait…hoping that this might be the day they will get the phone call from the social worker that they have been chosen …and a special little one will now be theirs to love. But for now these are dark days …difficult days …as they wait and hope.
They have entered a season of Advent in their lives…hoping for the coming or arrival of something especially momentous and awaited…longing to see their chosen child’s tiny face.

And today we enter that season in our church year…hoping for the coming or arrival of something momentous and awaited…the time when we long to see…God’s face...
that we will come to realize will be found, in the dark recesses of a stable when we look into the eyes of humble, helpless child.But before we can see this joyous sight we must go through some dark days.........

...this is just the first section of this particular sermon....this is just one of the many awesome, enlightening sermons of my Mom's....

Thanks Mom I really enjoyed this sermon, but most of all it truly gave me comfort when I read it!

AWAKE again at 2AM??????

So it is 2:30am and I am awake I really wish I could sleep through the night. It seems once I get up usually to use the damn brain turns on and I just can't get it to stop.....

There has been so much on my mind work right now is crazy.
There are two major parts of my of course is my clients and the artistic side of my profession which I absolutely love. That is my passion I just love to make people feel good. The other side of my job is the challenge of running a business and managing people. As I have said before I do find this the hardest part of my career.
Now that my staff has grown to the point that it has, I am dealing with so many different things everyday. Now I realize that my "company" is so small in the grand scheme of goodness this must sound crazy to some of you. But the reality is I am a Hairstylist, that is what I am trained and love to do....I just happen to own a salon and with that comes all these other aspects of my job now. I do love the challenge...I was bored when I had a salon with only myself there. But I must say at this time I am having to really pray and ask for assistance for some of the decisions I have been asked to make.

I have also been thinking a lot lately about my extended family and the trials that we are going through as a family right now. My Grandmother passed away this spring and I do believe she was the glue that held our family together.....yes even when she was alive the glue lost it's tenacity at times but over time it always came back together.
I am afraid with her not around, we may not weather this storm. I know in every family there are issues that come up, but for some reason in my extended family they just never stop. I have been really thinking about this this week and wondering why is that? Is it that the foundation that my parent grew up in not as strong as it should have been, is it because one of there parents is very confrontational and that trait has been passed down to their offspring? It really makes me wonder and feel sad that flesh and blood can get this far apart....and hurt each other so deeply.
This particular situation that is happening thank goodness doesn't involve my immediate family directly...but it is amazing how easily we can all be drawn in. So tonight as I sit here at now 3am with this consuming my thoughts, how could I maybe make this better....I just don't know???

So it is now 8am, I did finally get back to sleep...I am now at work ready for a crazy Sat....the X-Mas parade is happening today so downtown will be a bustling place....oh boy bring on the Christmas Spirit people and bring me
Terry and I are really looking forward to a nice dinner out tonight to celebrate his birthday..something we didn't get done on the actual day....I can't wait...

Happy Sat Everyone

Thursday, November 27, 2008

scrappin project....

Just thought I would share some pics of a project I did a bit ago.....I was thinking of a really nice, personal gift that I could give to a friend who was having a baby...this is what I came up with!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So today my parents are coming home from their vacation in St Maarten. I don't know why, but for me this was a really longggggg 10 days...

I guess it just doesn't matter how old I get, I still need and miss them when they are gone. I know some people will be reading this and thinking I am off my rocker...come on I am 34 years old and happily married to the greatest guy....why would you need your parents, get a grip...right, I can hear some of you now!! lol

I have been thinking about this a ton lately. I am so lucky to have a family that is very close, I can always count on them. I hear so many people talk about there families and it is so negative, there are so many issues. Even in my own extended family for years there have always been issues going on amongst one member or sad really. Why is it...why can't we all just coincide with each other peacefully and just remember how fortunate we are to have each other?
I know for me this vacation has been hard. There has been so much going on with me these last few weeks....besides talking to Terry of course, who is so awesome and patient with me...I do really miss talking to my Mom and Dad...they just always put things in perspective for me. So I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning when everyone is home safe and sound and we can get back to normal!!

So I have a tall order for them...get your daughter out of her funk....I am just not myself and it is really driving me crazy. I can always put on a great front at work...that is my job, to be up, happy all the time, when I'm at work life is great couldn't be better....but man when I get my butt in my truck for my drive home...the wheels start turning and it is all downhill from there....ahhhhh

When I reread this post I feel like I want to kick my own ass.....I have sooo much to be thankful for...but I guess I need to stop feeling so guilty, as Jill said this is my time to deal...I just haven't let myself do that yet...after everything we dealt with this year(and I won't bore you with all the little details)I think it is time I stopped burying it all in the back of my mind.
I think this has been a good lesson for me actually, I have never understood why some people just don't get as excited about the Christmas Season, as I usually I get it. I can see why this time of year is actually the hardest time for many, many people.

Well that is it for today.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So tomorrow is my Mom's parents will be flying back from St Maarten tomorrow so I don't know if I will be able to catch her in person on her special day!! Poor people flying home on the busiest day in the sky in the US!! I wonder how my Dad's patience level is going to be by the time they reach Canadian soil!!!

Anyways I wanted to dedicate this post to my MOM.....who is the absolute best Mom anyone could ask for. I might be biased, but truly people my Mom is the greatest....I'm sorry about your luck, but this lady is it!! :)

Well were do I Mom is the most supportive, caring, patient, understanding person I know. If I ever need anything whether it is someone to listen to my trials and tribulations of everyday life or I, all of a sudden don't have a receptionist for a day..she is always there, no questions asked...she comes to my rescue.... always!

As I get older I realize how important my relationship with my Mom is, besides being my Mother she is my closest female friend. I can talk to her about anything...and I always know she will give me an honest answer,be super supportive and just listen, if that is what I need at the time.
It is interesting in my line of work to hear other women talk about there Mother....gosh I just can't believe some stories I hear. I feel so sad for people that don't have a close relationship with there Mom's. I think they are missing one of the best things in life!

I always love when people come into my salon and have run into my Mom at some point in there lives, whether it was a wedding or a funeral that they have heard her speak at, or a connection through my Dad's business....everyone loves my MOM...I hear it all the time how kind and caring she is. I feel so lucky when I get to say "yep that's my MOM, she is the best isn't she"!!!

So I know that there are times that I probably just drive my Mom crazy...when I am impatient during our early morning phone calls, when I try to solve problems instead of just listening to what is going on in her life...because that is all she really wants, when I religiously lost 1 of her earrings when I would borrow them,(or did I just take them from you jewelery box)?? lol
Oh there are so many more things I can think of here.....:)
For all of this I am sorry....they tell me this is what being a Mom is all crazy women, you still love us with all your heart anyways...all that little stuff just doesn't matter... you would do anything for you kids...and MOM you have always done just that! For that I say THANK-YOU!!!

I hope you have a super are the BEST!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So when I started this blog, I truly felt that I needed a place where I could express my feelings and thoughts about what was going on in my life at this time. As in everyone's lives I have a ton going, extended family issues, adoption and I really needed a place where I could vent and express how I was feeling. As I have said before for some reason getting this stuff down on paper just didn't work for me, even buying fancy journals and beautiful pens and pencils to write with didn't entice me??!!! :)

Well today unfortunately my blog has hurt someone...this was truly not intentional. To be totally honest it never dawned on me that anyone other than the people that I had given this address to, would want to read about my daily ramblings. But that was not the case today.

Please understand if you are reading this blog and I am just going to assume you know me, because why would anyone that I don't know read this...but obviously that is okay or I would make this private(which initially I was going to do). What I want everyone to understand is....this blog is about me not anyone else. This is about my journey. I have a VERY sarcastic sense of humor so you may not find things funny that I do, or I might have things written that you interpret very differently than I have meant them to be! That is the thing about feelings they can mean different things to different people, but they are mine and this is where I write about them...

I can't apologize for what has been said on my blog, this is my space where I write what is happening inside of me. All I can hope for is the relationship I have with this particular person will become stronger and grow from this. I have said it before everything does happen for a reason.

So now I am sitting here wondering how many people are reading this blog. Who is reading, that I don't know about??? hmmmm speak up people...give me some comments, as far as I can see my Mom reads this everyday always leaving me the best you mom... and I think maybe my husband has read it once??? lol I guess I might never know...all I can say is ENJOY....



So yesterday Terry and I went out for breakfast with his parents, We went to Cora's, a client of mine told me about it and it was really great. Breaky isn't my first choice of meals to eat out...greasy spoon does nothing for me...but this was great. Great healthy choices!!!

After that we decided to go and visit Terry's grandma in Parkwood. She is just recovering from a fall she had a few months ago. Now this "fall" started with a broken hip and broken knee and then turned out to be 2 massive heart attacks in the hospital!!! This women is AMAZING!!! Talk about the will to live....she isn't going anywhere for a long time if I had to guess!!!

Kay is truly the funniest lady I have ever met. Although she and her husband can be super embarrassing(like yesterday I happened to say I needed to us the washroom but would wait until we went down to the mainfloor, nope she would have none of that, she just rings the nurse and tells them to take me to a washroom on this floor...oh my Kay this isn't a hotel you are in it is a hospital) even though things like that happen a lot...I really do enjoy talking to her, especially the more I get to know her.

Let me just paint the picture here for you.....this women has jewels like you wouldn't believe the goddier the better...she has a real fur coat that is a mosaic of bright colors no kidding people, we are talking fuchsia, purple, blue, and orange, all 2x2 squares of different colors.... a full length fur?????? Come on...she is eccentric to say the least!!

Now if anyone knows my Grandma's you can understand my shock when I first met this women...she swears, she drinks, she still try's to wear high-heels!!! :)

Yesterday Kay was reminiscing with me about the war days...she was telling me that she was in a group that would sing for the soldiers...she had this twinkle in her eyes when she was talking about it...I knew there was going to be a story here...she leaned over and said "I got a lot of attention back then you know...the other girls were jealous of me they would say Kay those men don't like you for your singing they like you for you LEGS....:)
You should have seen the smile and giggle that she let out after that, too funny....boy would I have loved to see that women in action!!!!

The last thing that Kay said to us yesterday was....any news on a baby??? We of course replied no nothing yet.....she leaned in and said "well look at me...I made it and everyone was pretty sure that I wouldn't so there will be a baby....soon...lets just think positive"!!! Well Kay having you on my side I think it just might...if there is anyone that can make things happen it is you!!!

happy monday everyone!
just a note for my little bro...thanks for listening....I am sure you weren't expecting that when you called...:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking look ahead....


01. The truth really DOES set you free.
02. Good girlfriends are a must in life.
03. Faith is one of the most important parts of religion.
04. It is okay to bask in the things that make you happy.
05. My " family" makes me blissful.
06. Standing up for what is right is more important than being liked.
07. I am always going to love food, it will never be easy, but I can do it!
08. Your view of the world is a reflection of what you are inside.
09. I love quiet.
10. I am stronger than I thought I could be.

In the past 10 years I have learned so many "life lessons" some have been easy... some very hard! One thing I know for sure is that the best things in life are worth waiting for!

This has been the year that I took a stand, the year I found amazing female friendships, the year I surrounded myself with uplifting and amazing people, the year I found myself, the year I said goodbye to old demons and unhealthy relationships, the year I spoke my truth, the year I found PEACE in my life.
And next year is going to be even better!

So I was looking at my facebook profile page and I came across a list I had written when I first joined facebook....I always find it interesting to look back and see what I was thinking at a certain point in my life....unfortunately I am not a good journal keeper so that isn't always possible!!! lol (hence the beginning of the blogging)!!!

happy sunday

Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls night out.....

So last night as I said I went to a function at one of my clients homes. I went with a colleague of mine. Now I have known this lady for many years now. We have chatted on and off about having families and what we wanted to do with our lives!! lol

She and I are the same age, and interestingly enough we have had similar stories when it comes to "reproducing".... well to make a long story short, it's just not gonna happen naturally!! lol

A few months ago we met for a meeting and I asked her if her and her husband had ever considered adoption? She said yes actually we are adopting privately! We are just finishing up our profile our home study is done...etc..etc... Well I couldn't believe my ears we were at the exact some point as they were in the adoption process. Now at the time we chatted for a few hours about our experiences with social workers and making the profile etc. The whole time that day we were talking I was having this really nagging negative feeling from her...I can't really explain it...just that I knew I wasn't that comfortable.

Fast Forward a few weeks and we meet soon as she could talk to me she started on me about the adoption....have you heard anything, have you talked to your social worker, did you know this and that....ahhhh she was driving me crazy. She went on to tell me that she had a "baby's room" all ready and had even bought some clothes??? WHAT??? At that point I knew that we were very different people we were handling this situation very differently. She was actually making me feel guilty for not doing and acting the same way as her......

So last night I had hoped that we would maybe briefly talk about it and then move on....nope WRONG....that is not what happened.....For 2.5 hours I talked about the time I got home last night..I was so frustrated...There were times that she was crying and times that she was so angry I thought she was going to throw a fit....hah my little breakdown I had last week......well that was nothing compared to this girl....

She has this ability to say things to me that make me feel very inferior...she told me that there profile had already been presented to a birth mother..they were not chosen mind you...but she immediately followed that remark with so have you guys been presented yet??? My stomach just dropped...I have no idea if we have been presented yet and quite frankly we don't want to know. Somehow I think knowing that you are not chosen would feel a little bit like not being picked for the grade 8 volleyball team....and I don't really want to go through that again!!! lol

So on my way home from the party, I just kept thinking. I know that everything in life happens for a reason. Life just has a way of working out, and I know when the time is right it is going to work out for us too!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the beginning of my RANT!!

So I am just going to warn you all that this time of year I start to get a bit cranky about the weather!
I just had my 3rd SHITTY drive of the season...and I'm not sure if you all are aware but it is only NOV 20th.....yep that's right...this is going to be a fun season..

Now I just had a friend email saying oh isn't this great snow days are a coming.....yes it would be just fantastic if I didn't own my own business and it actually makes a big difference to my bank account if I am at work or not....ahhhhh

For some reason there is this thought process that has been inbred in me that if the roads aren't closed you can get there...(thanks Dad)....I actually feel like I have really accomplished something when I drive through a snowstorm to get to work. I don't know, it is like bragging rights or something...well this has got to stop! It is a crazy way to think....lives are lost on our roads every winter season..and I don't want to be one of them.

I passed 3 cars in the ditch this morning.....for half of my time on the road which by the way was 50 mins.....I couldn't see a foot ahead of me....and then I arrive at my destination and voila SUN is shining you would think it was the middle of summer....come on????

This is the time of year that I start blaming my husband for things that really have nothing to do with him...all of a sudden it is his fault that I live in London, it is his fault that I have to drive in snowstorms at poor Terry, I take it all out on him.

Before the snow started to fall this winter I thought to myself, what is the fuss about, winter is only a couple months long...why do we all get soooo wound up about it ......well now I remember this damn stuff takes years off my life every time.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


hmmm this seems like a pretty "big"subject for me to get into here doesn't it!! Well I have been thinking about it a lot..... obviously who hasn't!!! It is the first thing I hear about in the morning and often it is the last thing I read about at night!

So, I was on my way to work this morning and this whole economy thing came to my mind. I wondered to myself, how this was going to change things. If the US government doesn't bail the auto companies out what is really going to happen in this world???? Kind of a scary thought isn't it???

Then I started to think...maybe it is time.......we are all so generation has never seen tough times. We really don't know what it is like to work really, really hard and your pay back is.....well that's simple, you are just happy to be able to pay your bills. You're not even interested in anything more than keeping your family warm and had no idea what it is like to buy whatever you want.
I thought it was very interesting that the US Congress asked the CEO's that where there, (asking for 25 billion dollars) if they had flown coach that day.....nope not one of them....they all had flown in on there private jets....
Now don't get me wrong... I know that these men have gone to school for years and they work very, very hard.....but COME ON....thousands of people are losing their jobs and you are asking for an obscene amount of money, and you are still flying in your private jets?????????????

So this really got me thinking...I think that this time in our lives will bring tons of changes...for the better I think..I hope that life will get back to the way it was when I was a little girl....there will be fewer divorces, why do I think that...well quite honestly I don't think people will be happier...couples will still have huge challenges but they just won't be able to afford a divorce.......I don't think we will be able to just buy whatever we want whenever we want...the budget will be a household word(YUCK):).....we will not travel as much...we will start doing potlucks again...when everyone brings a casserole to share and a mickey of vodka... oh and my all time favorite that I learned from my Grandma Moore saving tin-foil......okay hopefully I'm getting a little carried away here!!!!:)

I do think though.....this is going to be tough, but in many ways I think it will get everyone back on the right track in life...every one's life had gotten to be a bit much a bit too materialistic, don't you think? We or at least I think we all need to start remembering what is truly important in, friends...the people not all the stuff we can have!

happy wed

our first Arvid!

Okay here it is after years and years of worldwide searching.....Terry's first piece of "art"!! lol

It is really cool actually this is number 231 out of only 300 came with really official looking paperwork and everything!!! haha

have a good day everyone!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

another day.... another dollar!!!

Well today has been fairly is crazy...the Christmas season is fast approaching. I am completely booked now until after the new year??? So now I am just trying to decide how many Mondays I feel like working in December...aghhh I really HATE working just makes it all a bit too much...working 13-14 hours a day and then adding a Monday to the mix...eeekkk...but knowing me I probably will add one or two...I just can't seem to say NO to my clients! I feel like they have all been so good to me.....

So Terry is one happy happy guy right now........his painting arrived...very cool. It looks so good in our living room..the colors are perfect. It is so great to see Terry so excited about something....he doesn't really ever have anything that he really really wants...unlike his lovely wife that everyday can think of something new that she needs...haha anyways it is so fun to see him "lovin" something....

I have a crazy week....I really don't like to do anything on "school nights" and this week I have something going on Thurs night and Fri I am going to be yes, I do need a life!!! :) So I am soooo pumped about Thurs of my clients that lives here in London has invited me Aveda rep to a gala at her house, she is having 60 different women from various walks of life there to network and a brand new wine is going to be launched at that night..apparently her husband is best friends with some big wine guy??? Anyways it should be so fun...I think I'm mostly excited to see her sounds so that should be a great night!

Thought I would share a few cards that I made yesterday...trying to get some Christmas cards done....:)
happy tues...

Monday, November 17, 2008

enjoying the dentist????

So my whole entire life I have been petrified of the not just a bit scared, shaking in my boats, palms sweating petrified to ever go into that office.... scared!!!

I will just set the scene a bit for you so you can get where I am coming from......the dentist that I have gone to my whole life in Exciter was located in an old house just off Main Street. So you open the door and this awful medicinal dentisty smell smacks you in the face...ackkkk it is so gross...I can't believe they can't do something about it because for me in minute one of my visit my stomach is already turning!
Then you walk up to the desk and of course in small town fashion all the 3 receptionist say oh Michelle you are here....hahaha we never know if you are going to show up or are just like your Aunt Carol you both hate coming will be okay we will be easy on you today heheheh!!!! ahhhh drives me crazy like do they really need to remind me that I am feeling nausea's right now, hey ladies guess what I am well aware of the fact that I am scared and yes believe me I almost didn't show but how could I forget when you call to remind me of my appt 3 times this week!!!! lol very efficient receptionists they have!!
So then you get to wait in the waiting room for no less than 30 mins....and that is on a good day. Then off to get the whole thing that time I just close my eyes and try to escape to a better place until the whole damn thing is over....unfortunately I have bad teeth or is it that I eat too much rubber candy....:)So I usually have cavities...yep you guessed it I get to come back 3 weeks later and do the whole thing again!!! hmmppp

So about 6 months ago I decided that I was going to change dentists...I would start going to Terry's dentist who he seemed to just love. I never hear Terry moaning and groaning about going, and he isn't traumatized for days after his appt...this could be a turning point in my life I thought!!
So I made my appt and took the plunge....well let me tell you this has been an awesome, who knew going to the dentist could be an almost pleasurable experience. First off I am greeted with a nice clean smell with a hint of vanilla when I walk in the door...ahhh we are off to good start here...and the wonderful lady Terri at the front desk, although she does do a big speech about how she has known the Pfile's forever blah blah blah it was short and sweet and we got down to business. I filled out my paperwork and was whisked away with the this is amazing I have only been in the office for 5 mins...
I get my cleaning, the dentist comes in, looks at the pics...say's oh, you have beautiful teeth...WHAT I thought I had terrible teeth they have never said anything like that before...and then I just couldn't believe my ears....she said well Michelle because this is your first visit with us, we would like to either give you a complimentary electric toothbrush or a free whitening service........WHAT???? you guys actually give stuff away???? This is too I was taken away to get some impressions done and will get my stuff for my beautiful sparkling white teeth at the end of the week........WOW

So after 34 years of going to the dentist I am officially over my fear.....these ladies are great. Terri said to me, now would you like to book for your next check-up?? Are you kidding me, sure I will come next week if you want me too!! lol

ahhh...this is what going to the dentist is supposed to feel like!
happy monday everyone!

Fashion Focus 2008

So the girls and I went to a Hair Gala today in T.O. It was tons of fun, and as always after a show I have so much inspiration. We saw some great new techniques and great new looks for the holiday season.
One of the greatest things about today was seeing Rita back in her element. Rita has always loved the hype and drama of the "show" life. She really is in her element there! It was fun to see her so excited again. It felt like old times, like 16 years ago when we would go to the shows together!!
When we were leaving the show today, in the parking garage we came upon a man with an obvious disability trying to get his wheelchair into his car. So we asked him if he needed some help, which he did want and appreciated so much. After we got his chair into his vehicle he leaned against his car and started to chat with us. He introduced himself and asked about us....asked what we did..where we worked etc. Rita then asked the same of him.......well you won't believe it but there we were talking to the president of Salon Magazine...ahhhhh oh my just never know where you are going to meet people. So he sat and talked to us for a little bit asking for our opinions about a new website the magazine is going to launch. He also told us about a competition that is going to happen on the new website and asked us to compete in it. The prizes sound SO awesome.....trip to New York City with fun. The best part of competing though is the recognition the salon would get on the website!!! Very Cool.....It was a great finale to a pretty fun day....
Well I think I am off to bed....busy day......M

Saturday, November 15, 2008

pad thai and a snow storm...

ahhhh winter is here...Terry and I just had a crazy drive from Exciter....why was Terry in Exeter you ask.......well he needed a trim and I decided long ago that my scissors would NOT leave the yep I make my husband drive to Exciter for his haircuts!! :) I can't believe how crazy the weather was tonight...a car in the ditch outside of Lucan...hydroplaning and thunder and lightning we saw it all.... I'm so glad we are both home, safe and sound!!! Now I just have to think about my drive to Toronto in the morning......eeeeekkk gotta love living in Ontario!! :)

Terry and I made Pad Thai tonight.........yummmm so is so fun to be able to cook together...I'm so glad that Terry introduced me to the kitchen. I really didn't enjoy cooking until I meet him....actually when we first met I felt sort of inadequate compared to him in the kitchen. Sooooo I started watching the Food Network on T.V. and started getting way more comfortable in the kitchen and then somewhere along the line I started to really loving creating different dishes. I think this is now one of my favorite things to do....make great dishes in the kitchen...and it is even better when we can do it together!

What better night than a bottle of gewurtztraminer, some spicy pad thai and your husband... this is a great night. Especially after a crazy Sat. at work....

Well I am off to bed soon...big day tomorrow, the girls and I are off to do a hair show in T.O.!!!!
have a great weekend

Thursday, November 13, 2008

today was a MUCH better day!

So today even though I had some landlord issues to take care of, I was feeling much better. Thanks to of course a much needed pep talk from my Mom....this blogging thing is great. It is forcing me to get my feelings down somewhere which normally is not something I would EVER do. I can have lots of shit going on in my life before anyone and I mean anyone would ever know about it. Just to give you a little example...I went about a year living in a terrible marriage, and NO one knew...when I called people to tell them we had separated everyone was shocked???? So I am pretty good at keeping things to myself!

So my Mom was very supportive as always about how I was feeling...Thanks MOM, you always know the right things to say! I also got a really nice note from a friend that has been through the exact same situation as we are going through, Sarah really made me feel better about how I was feeling....feeling about the Christmas Season and just the whole waiting period in general. It is really great to have people in your life that can support you...

The rest of my day was eventful as always........there really is never a dull moment. Work is good, great clients and it seems ever since Rita has started at the shop everyone is closer? They say that you will be closer to your coworkers than anyone because you are with them so many hours of the day...I think that is defiantly happening at our work. Which is great!

The absolute best part of this day was that Terry finally and I mean finally ordered a piece of art that he has been admiring for a really long time! I am soooooooo excited for him. We first saw this piece in Collingwood in the summer...he loved it but didn't buy it....Now I have to tell you that Terry has been searching for a piece of art for our family room for about 8 years now???? What the heck I would have just grabbed something at Homesense with a bit of red in it and been done with it???? Nope not Terry.........he has more patience than I have ever seen??? Thanks goodness he married me he will be able to use his patience alot!!!!!! hehe
So anyways he mentioned the print many times since then but didn't do anything about it, then we saw it again in Vegas.......well I think when they told us there were only a few left in existence, that sealed the deal he was soooo excited. As soon as we got home he emailed a few places for the best price and finally ordered it this afternoon!! We can't wait to get it?? Our Christmas shopping is done now for a few years I think! :)

hope everyone is having a great night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

just not feeling like myself today!

So today has been one of those days for me. I'm not really sure how it started, but I was not feeling like myself at all.

I woke up to an email from a great friend saying that it was finally okay to share that she was expecting. I have been holding this one in for a long time now. Now don't get me wrong I am soooo soooo excited for her and her husband. They have been wanting this for so long. But for some reason this dawned on me, oh no I hope this doesn't change things. She is my last link, we are the ones without the kids... So I got over that okay, no real major issue just brushed it off and went about my business.....and then disaster struck.

I had to make a quick stop at Staples before I headed to Exciter for work...we desperately needed a new calculator....hmm maybe that is why my deposits are always short? I think it is because the people that I work with don't know how to count back change??? what do they teach people in school these days??? Anyways back to my I got my stuff at Staples and had about 5 mins. to spare........well being the crafty girl I am, I am not going to pass up an chance to check out the scrappin section at Micheals now am I????
So I walk in and I start hearing the Christmas I told you all yesterday I am not really feelin the season like usual so the tunes kind of annoyed me......but I was in stamp paradise so I wasn't paying too much attention to the modern rendition of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire"....and then I saw it, in Martha Stewart fashion all the coolest kids Christmas Crafts????????? Well I don't know why....but that was it, I stood there and thought to myself...this is what I want to be doing I want to be doing Christmas Crafts with our kids...I'm done with making my Christmas Tree look like it is out of a magazine and I don't want to have a fancy adult party with the perfect hor douerves, I just want to make homemade tacky ornaments that don't match and don't have a theme(like Martha would ever let that happen)...with our kids?????

So there I am standing in the middle of the Martha Stewart display with tears starting to well up, so I beelined it to my truck and got the hell out of there.....I'm not exactly sure how I made it safely to Lucan with my mental state not being at it's best...but I did!!!
By the time I hit Lucan I had myself calmed down....had myself convinced we should get a puppy but I was relatively sane by the time I got to work!!!(if you know me at all you will agree that I obviously was far from sane if I had myself convinced that we should get a puppy)!! lol

Lucky for my clients by the time I finally got to work I had myself pulled together..........geeezzzz what a day????
I guess this is what they meant when they said you are going to have some bad days in the "waiting period"?????!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

am i scrooge...???

Today is Nov 11th right???

This is usually a VERY BIG day for me...My rule or my Mom's "rule of thumb" so to speak is, as soon as Remembrance Day is over you can....drum roll please....CHRISTMAS DECORATE!!!!

Well I just don't know what is wrong with me this year..but I am just not into it. It has crossed my mind the past few oh I guess I will have to drag all that stuff out soon.......or should we have our annual Christmas party or not??? This is so weird, in years past I am usually getting RSV P's by now.

On my way home from work I thought I had the cure I would buy a magazine that would help. All the December issues are out with all there sugar cookie, tinsel covered tree covers...that would help that would get me right back on track...

I'm afraid not.........I think it has made it worse! So I am sitting here contemplating what is going on? Is it just that there has been so much happen this past year for us that I am over it right now? Or have I come to a time in my life that I know that the decorations and the presents and the fancy parties with a white candy table just don't really matter...??? I'm just not sure, but what I can tell you is that we are not having a party this year, it is not because I don't have the time it is because well I just don't really feel like having it........and there may not even be many decorations at my house and again it isn't because I am sooo busy and don't have just doesn't seem that important to me this year.

What I can tell you for sure is that after everything we have been through this year I have realized something, it isn't about things, decorations or presents, it's about the special people in
your life...I am so blessed to have such great people surrounding me everyday. The best clients, the greatest friends........the most supportive family you could ever ask for and the greatest husband ever...this is what I am going to celebrate this year, all the great people in my life.

So who knows it is only Nov. 11th I still have a bit of time to get my Christmas groove back....or will I have officially become a Christmas Scrooge????????? :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

old friends are the best friends....

Do you ever sit and wonder where some of your "best" friends from elementary or high school are? What they are up too and how did it happen that you lost contact.
Remember when you were in high school and you had this great group of friends that you shared everything with, at that moment you could never imagine not seeing or at the very least talking to them everyday. Then life happens, you go to different schools, choose different paths in life. Before you know it 10,11,12 years have gone by and you haven't talked.

Well thanks to good old facebook I have come into contact with so many of those "old" of them being one of my closest friends. Robin and I have had so many moments together, from kindergarten on we were inseparable....all through public school and then high school....and then life happened. We talked fairly regularly through our college/university years and then it got less frequent after that....

We have seen each other on and off since then.....very randomly.............but what always remains the same is, when we see each other it feels like it was just yesterday that we talked. It is the best part of our friendship....the comfort level you have with old friends! They understand you, all my quirky sarcastic remarks don't have to be explained she just knows that's the way I am....she knows when I'm feeling uneasy about a situation that we are talking about and always says the right thing to make me feel better. I sure hope I do the same for her.

I feel so blessed to have some of the greatest friends....that I know no matter how often we talk or see each other I can always count on them!!
Thanks Robin your the best!!!


monday ramblings....

So it is the last day of my mini-break....hmm what to do!! lol There doesn't ever seem to be a lack of things to do does there?

I have had a fairly relaxing Monday, as I said yesterday I have had a bit of drama at work so I have been dealing with that since we have returned. It just never fails...whenever I go away something big happens. I could stay at work for 2 years straight and nothing would happen but as soon as I leave........bam we have something to worry about??? Why is's crazy! I guess you chalk it up to the joys of being a business owner, which I wouldn't trade for the world!

I am so excited, a friend of mine contacted me last night and she is in town so we are going to do dinner tonight. Great way to end my little vacation...dinner with a great friend at Milestone's..

Well that is about it for me....back to the grind tomorrow...
happy monday

Thursday, November 6, 2008

viva las vegas!!!

I am loving Las Vegas, man this is the life. Our hotel is to die As Terry said when we first walked in "we could live here, this is as big as our house all that is missing is a scrapbook room" lol
We went to a great show last night. So funny, it was all musical impressions...his name is Danny Gans. He is only in Vegas for one more week after an eleven year stint. If you have a chance get down here and see is so worth it!
I have done a bit of shopping but mostly for Terry???? What's up with that!!
We are having a great time with our friends they are great people.
Well that's it for now!
Chat when I get back!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

leaving on a jet plane!!!

I'm heading into work for a few hours and then we are off to....Vegas baby!!! lol

I can't wait to get away for a few has been CRAZY lately...which is a great thing. I just think I need to regroup before our busiest season, Christmas arrives!!

I know this is a busy few days for Terry but I do think just a change of scenery will be good for him. I know that his work is super stressful right now, and just getting away from that will be great!!

Mike and Julie are coming with us this time, and I am really looking forward to getting to know them better. They seem like such great, honest "normal" people. I am excited to spend some time with them! Oh and of course to have a shopping buddy!! :)

Yes there will be TONS of shopping....I have been saving all my tip $$ for the last few now it is time to spend it!! (haha sorry Terry you are probably cringing right now) I have scoped out all my favorite shops and even checked to see if Vegas has a scrapbooking store!!! haha

Okay well that is all for now....It is 7:15 and I am off to Walmart to buy Terry a that is a whole other story!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, November 3, 2008

workin on a MONDAY!!

Well here I am at work on a Monday, usually my day off. My day of space( as Terry calls it), I seem to be a person that needs that...some time to collect myself and just be by myself. I think it must be because I'm surrounded by people all the time in my job...I just need that little bit of quiet time.

So today I am here working because tomorrow we leave for VEGAS!!! So I know I shouldn't be complaining at all!!! I have a pretty easy going day at work too, some of my favs are coming in it really should be a good one!

Yesterday we just got ready for our trip and relaxed...I even had time to make a few cards!!! It is Terry's birthday on Wed. so I had to make him one and I guess I just got into the groove and made a few more..

I will post a few of them and once I get home I will add a few more....the main reason for this blog is so my online scrappin friends can see my work...I think I am the last of many to finally start a blog to showcase some of my stuff!! This is just a hobby for is my time to relax on my own and create something...and yep you guessed it cardstock doesn't talk back I can do whatever I want to it...unlike a few of my clients!!! lol
Okay so clearly I am just getting the hang of this looks like my cards are at the top of the post...???? :) Not sure why but there they are, thanks for looking!
Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

in the beginning!!

So here we go....I have decided to start my own blog. I'm not really sure why but I feel like it is time to start recording my daily thoughts, pictures and just the random goings on in my life. This is really not a blog that I think will attract too much attention, just a place where I can journal my stuff!!
So if anyone happens upon this blog, sorry it is so uneventful!! lol

I am a Hairsylist and I own and operate an Aveda Salon...I have 5 employees and the best clients EVER!! I love what I do..I have been in the business for over 16 years now and love it as much now as I did when I started. The most challenging part of my job now is just running a business that keeps growing everyday! Which is so awesome but it defiantly keeps me on my toes!!!

I have been married for about 2 and a half years now to the greatest guy ever. I have had a few interesting experiences with relationships in the past but I think they were all worth it to finally meet Terry!!! I think I am pretty lucky that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me!

We are in the process of adopting right now. We found out about 8 months ago that we would not be able to have children of our own, so right away we started the adoption process, and what a process it was!! We have been working with a social worker and have finished the home study process and are now just hopefully sooner than later we will be lucky enough to be parents!!

A little about the stuff I do in my spare time....well I love to scrapbook...and shop and exercise??? I love anything creative, so I will probably be posting some pics of the many different things I create. From pics of clients new do's to the cards I make in my spare time.

Family is HUGE to me, I spend tons of time with our families. I come from a small family just the 4 of us, a younger brother Jon and my parents...Terry on the other hand is the youngest of 4 kids so there are tons in the family. It is so different for me but soooo fun!!!

Well that is about it for now...I will continue on from this day in my life....

Lots of packing to do we are leaving for Vegas on Tues....oh so much fun!!