Thursday, June 18, 2009

blogged out!

I'm not sure what is going on but I am "blogged out"....I just don't have anything to say or write....I'm fresh out of stuff to chat about!! I know this is strange.......considering all the things I hear in a day you would think that I could come up with something.....

Yes I could start into all the prom/grad drama from this year.....for instance the crazy grade 8 mother that wanted to put baby's breath in her poor daughters hair...well I would have none of that....good lord that poor girls social life would be ruined forever...or I could count for you how many times I have seen Carrie Underwood's picture in the last month..."I want my hair exactly like this"....ummhmmm so do I sweetie!!

Or their is the most recent going on.....I have suffered some sort of super annoying joint/muscle spasm pulling injury in my left arm....and then I could give you the really good news.......I'm left handed, but don't worry it only hurts when I actually lift my biggie I don't use my left arm much in my job..........?!?!?!?!ughhhh

I guess I could always tell you about the lady that let me apply her color and then decided to tell me she had to meet her friend for lunch in 20 hello....I can't just snap my fingers and have this finished takes I think your friend might have to wait!!

Then of course their was the soon to be bride that had a complete meltdown in my chair last she has issues and they were not with her hair.........

The highlight of this week has definitely been the new pair of Grandma shoes that I have had to purchase....yep due to maybe 3 or 4 days of wearing cheap flip flops, the ole arch was starting to head south off to the store that sells the ugliest shoes on the planet I swear, I go......were any of you aware that they now come in "sandal" toeless and strappy.....believe me they are not as pretty as they sound!!!

So there you have it........I could bore you with all of these minute little tidbits of my week...but I won't.......I will just inform you all that I am "blogged out" for a bit, stay tuned for an interesting hopefully humorous tale soon!!!


RB said...

I get blogged-out sometimes too. :) I actually wouldn't mind hearing about your day-to-day stuff though.

Erica said...

I feel ya! Sometimes, it's so hard because either so much is going on and you don't know where to start or there is just nothing worth mentioning. :) Thus is life... LOL We'll still be here when life gets interesting again.