Wednesday, September 9, 2009

it was a family affair.....

What an awesome weekend we just had.....labour day was perfect!!

We had a wonderful family weekend at my parents place in brother his GF, my parents and T and I....we are a small but mighty group.....:)

I will say this was the most fun I have had yet this summer.....we all had a great time together...relaxing, eating, reading, chatting, laughing, drinking and oh did I mention eating??? Yes smores and all there was a ton of food!!!!

I have to give my brother's GF special credit for putting up with us for a WHOLE weekend....3 overnights...she is a trooper.....I am so thankful she did though, it was awesome to see how happy they are together and have the chance to get to know her better.....hopefully she didn't think we were too nuts or crazy...I promise I was on my best behaviour!!

The first day of the weekend we had a great day with all of our extended family and friends...BBQ, swimming, boating and just hanging out...oh and tons of food...then 2 great days of relaxing, having a blast in the bar and just catching up on each other's lives....I do have to give a special shout out to my Dad's new BFF( his new entertaining neighbour) who asked the questions that most would not...very very informative..and he even brings his own appetizers at 12am....just the kind of neighbour everyone

So here is to the annual Moore family weekend at the cottage.....may there be many more to come!!


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Dionne said...

BBQing, boating and Loved Ones. An awesome combination. Sounds like a lovely time.