Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What is it about holidays that make you contemplate things that you just don't let yourself any other time of the year!!

Yes "T" and I are on holidays, we are having a wonderful time on the beautiful island of St Maarten...........we are SO SO SO lucky, my parents have a timeshare there and because they are having a trip of a lifetime in South Africa "T" and I have been lucky enough to use their place! It truly is heaven.........we are having a wonderful time!!

I have been thinking though how funny it is that conversations that you may put on the back burner always come up on holidays..............we have discussed it all.....put it all on the line and made some pretty heavy decisions...........I feel better.......ready to head back and move on....the best part is, something that I knew before I came here...whatever happens I have the best husband EVER!!!

m :)


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Enjoy your vacation!!! I love those conversation - it's cleansing and keeps life moving. Good for you guys!

Be well!

Mary said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that your little one will soon be with you.

Patiently Waiting??? said...

I’ve given you the Happy 101 Award.
Check it out at:
Hope you have a good day!

the "mom" said...

wow haven't read your blogs (or any) for a while. Doing other projects. WOW - lots of stuff there kiddo.
chin up and keep going.
Glad you had a great vacation and that dessert at V Day looks great (did you get that from eating clean by any chance- if you did - i need it lol lol)