Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You may not know......

~ Mr T makes my life so much easier
~ I hardly ever watch TV...nothing holds my interest
~ I am never ever full...I could eat every second every minute of the day
~ I have an intense fear of conversing with people anywhere other then my own home or salon(I don't know why this is...but I literally have butterflies in my stomach all the time)
~ I LOVE to sing and dance...(and now I have a dance partner, you should see little miss "D" and I cut a rug)
~ my feelings get hurt very easily...(I need thicker skin)
~ I love learning about my craft....I will never ever stop upgrading my skills
~ I love to shop...but by myself
~ I now know the hurt and pain a terminal illness can cause a one knows until they have been there
~ I have been very disappointed by some of my girlfriends...sad but very true
~ I have been very surprised by some of my girlfriends...amazing support
~ I could never ever have imagined how much I could love this little girl, miss "D" so much
~ I hate being a boss....I wish I could just be every ones friend
~ if I wasn't a hairstylist, I would love to be a party planner.......or interior decorator
~ I think open adoption is amazing and very scary at the same time
~ I eat no less then 5 eggs/egg whites a day
~ I am truly hoping and praying everyday, every minute for a miracle......

what are some of your "truths"??

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Anonymous said...

I've never been involved, but I can definitely see how an open adoption would be a bit scary and yet awesome.

And that love you have for your child - it really is amazing.

Have a good day.