Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Worry!!


I am worried!!

I am a worrier!!!

I am always worried about something...well I guess that is not true, for about 4 days 2 weeks ago I actually said to myself...M you don't have butterflies in your are actually totally worryfree right now...ahhh it was the best....but short short lived!!!

So here it is the lowdown the list, the facts...have I told you I love lists...I am a worrier that loves why wouldn't I write a list of what I am worried about!! Makes perfect sense to me!!!

1- Right now for some reason I am very worried about explaining little D's birthstory to her....I am worried that she will be sad, I am worried we won't explain it right...won't explain it early enough....or we will start talking to soon....will she be angry, will she be distant, will she be stomach is in knots about it...I know she will have all of those emotions, and they are all ok and normal...I just want to do the right thing for her, so I worry!

2- We have weddings coming up in our family...and with weddings you have drama...I am worried about the drama...people are sad, people are happy, people are angry, people are frustrated and then there are people like me, trying to stay neutral...but I worry....I worry that both days will be the best days they can be for those beautiful blushing can I make this better for them...I worry!

3- I worry about my new business...was this the right time...will it be successful....will the amazing team I hired be satisfied and love us just as much as we love them...will this make the income I hope for, for my family...I worry!

4- We need our roof done at our cottage...I worry...(ok T I hope you read that the roofing company already!!!!!!! lol)

5- Life changes once you have a one can prepare you for can talk to a zillion people about it but you will have NO idea until it changes how you think, it changes your are happy, but tired, changes your I taking enough time with T, do we need to have more dates, more chats...I worry!

6- I am going to be a bridesmaid in June....will the dresses be short....I worry!!! haha that is just a joke but secretly GAWD I hope I don't have to show these god awful knees...hehe

7- My Dad, my Mom...I worry!

8- Should I make sensory bins, is D watching too much much Barney not enough reading my patience wearing thin too I doing a good job as a Mom...oh man I worry!

9- I have bad teeth...once I had 8 cavaties in 1 you can I flossing enough, brushing long enough...with the right brush...ughghhhg I worry!

10- am I eating too many carbs not enough freaking protein...seriously...come on....I worry!!!

11- and last but not least....should I really have bought that pair of skinny leathery jean really these legs in those pants...hmmmmm.....I worry!!!

So as you can see I worry...about silly things sometimes and very serious things sometimes....but man this girl needs some sleep...I had to get some of these things off my chest! So thanks for listening....this mama is going to sleep pretty tonight...thanks to you and the red....( red wine that is....oh yeah one I drink too much....probably...that is one thing I don't worry one bit about!!!)

**** my spell check won't now on top of it all I am really worried that this post is full of typos....ughghhghggh :)


Lavender Luz said...

Sometimes it does help to pour it all out on paper, doesn't it?

As for #1, my take on it is have a lot of little talks so that you never have to have The Talk. And the more comfortable YOU are with the story, the easier it will be to talk about it and the easier it will be for your daughter to receive it. She'll take her cues from you.

At some point (not now, but later) she MAY be sad, angry or distant. That's part of her processing it. Whatever happens, you will be able to deal with it. Trust yourself and your love for her :-)

Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog today :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh I so identify with this post!! I too am a worrier, I even worry that I worry too much:)
Hope it helps to get it all written down, and that you know in your heart of hearts you are exactly where you are supposed to be and doing an amazing job with everything and everyone you touch:)