Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm in love....

I'm in love.....with Bayfield, with the cottage...with all the wonderful little treasures this village has to offer...with the fact that it is a place that I can relax...and I am so glad "T" agrees!

This weekend we had a function going on in the city last night so we didn't come up to the cottage until this afternoon. As I was driving here I was thinking to myself...oh was this stupid maybe we should have just stayed at this a waste just coming up for one night....well it didn't take me long to realize it was not a waste at all. Most of our "work" is done here or at least what we are going to do for today we could come in and do whatever we wanted! It was a gorgeous I took my book and read out in the sun...."T" wanted to relax inside on the big comfy couches and have a nap.....I even came inside and had a bit of a cat nap myself....I haven't done that in years....I don't usually let myself relax this must be something in the air here.....and I love it!!!

After my nap I took my new/used bike(thanks mom and dad) and rode around the village.....exploring little hidden areas that I hadn't since I was a kid.....looking at all of these places as an adult is so much different.....taking in all the beauty and charm of the place. The whole time I was riding around I just kept saying and thinking to lucky we are to have this opportunity to have this place!

I really can't wait for my Grandma to come and see it and see that we are enjoying it so much! Thanks to her we have been able to have a place to have some calm....have some fun and really enjoy each other and all the things life has to offer!



Dionne said...

Napping during the day is such a luxury, I LOVE to do that! It's so refreshing!

And biking through the village sounds lovely. I am so happy that you have your little cottage now!

RB said...

Sounds wonderful... :)

Erica said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful! I am glad you got to spend some time relaxing and hope you get to do it every weekend!


Brooke said...

beautiful picture btw...i think bike riding is so relaxing! :)

Rebekah said...

Makes me want to visit!!