Wednesday, July 15, 2009

rejection never felt so......good...?????

Well well well today has been a very interesting day!

It amazes me still how in just one instant your day, your mood....your whole outlook on your situation can a flash!

Today has been one of those days for me, yes I have been feeling tired, blue unusually down...wondering why and saying over and over it's just not fair and then getting those punch you in the gut reminders that your life is pretty darn good...comparatively speaking to the wonderful woman I just met, that went in for a mastectomy today.....or the daughter that is about to lose her father to cancer...all those moments that make me wake up and realize this too shall pass and what is meant to be will be!!

But today finally I feel a bit better about our is funny how innocently this all transpired, yet how much better it has made me feel.....I have been feeling very self conscious about us and this whole adoption thing...funny how reading others stories and seeing other profiles and hearing things from clients and coworkers can make you go from a very confident business women back to the chubby self conscious preteen that I once was.....yes I remember those days very well and do not want to go back. That was it though, I was doubting us....thinking negatively instead of pushing the power of positive thinking!!!

So today I emailed our social worker to tell her that we had contacted a lawyer that she had recommended.....thinking we should open up some new doors....I also said that we would be adding some stuff to our profile now that we have the cottage etc....I wondered if she could see any other changes we should make to our profile while we were at it!

Her reply to say the least was much more than I had ever anticipated...I am sure she could sense my frustration even via email, so she replied saying I think I should tell you about this turns out our profile had been shown to a couple just last week and the feedback was very very positive....ultimately the couple decided to keep the baby, which honestly knowing a bit about the situation I think was the best some crazy way this made us feel better, least this was a bit of action...
After so long of nothing it is just nice to hear that someone out there thought we looked okay, thought we could actually parent a child........I was starting to feel so insecure about this whole was making me nuts...I know it must sound so weird that we are actually feeling better after a failed match....but knowing all the details surrounding this situation, I truly feel this is the way it was supposed to work out...for various reasons!

Our social worker also told us we are making history here....the first time ever that this area has gone almost a year without a good, we need to change this...and fast!!!
what a time to join this long list of waiting couples.....but in the words of our social worker...this is how she ends all of her emails to me......"remember you are my ONLY childless couple....hang in there we will still keep plugging away"!!!! lol

So that has been our just never know what is about to happen....a good reminder for us really.....don't get to comfortable it could all change in one instant......:)



Brooke said...

its great that the couple decided to keep their baby (especially if you guys felt it was best)

but i'm sorry that you're a record holder. :(

Dionne said...

That's encouraging that the couple looked at your profile, that's defintitely a good sign!

So true. You never know what the future holds, it could be just around the corner.

michelle said...

it is a bummer being a record holder but I have good company...10other couples in our area are waiting just like we are....
hundreds in our sad....


RB said...

Any action is GOOD action! Just knowing that you are being considered is a step in the right direction. A lot of birth moms do choose to parent. It just seems like it's par for the course. Hang in there. I think being the only childless couple waiting is a huge advantage.

Anonymous said...

Keep Positive. Think of those who were adopting through "Imagine Adoption" in Brantford. They may have to start their journey all over again! Your day will come.

E said...

I think any action is good! Even though it didn't end up being 'the one', I like to think that things happen for a reason. Your little one is out there or is waiting to be born. Hang in there and best of luck!

Erica said...

Sometimes it's great to be the exception to the rule, and sometimes it sucks. :( It's great that you got some activity on your profile. You both are defnitely GREAT and any child would be blessed to have you two as parents. But there is one special baby out there for you....not just any special baby. You just gotta keep the faith until she/he has finally graced us with her presence.


Giantspeedbump said...

The stats are very low in our area as well. It's so discouraging. However it is exciting to know you've been considered! That would give me hope, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Long time reader, first time poster. We adopted our daughter four years ago from Ohio. The agency we worked with required you to send out a mass mailing of your birthmother letter, they have a very particular way of doing it that really works, we had 7 birth moms contact us in the first two months, it was crazy. It gives you something to do and puts a little of the power in your hands instead of waiting, waiting, waiting. Feel free to email me if you want to know more-

Love reading your blog!