Thursday, August 13, 2009

Company's Coming...

So this is it the weekend that we are going to pick my Grandmother up to stay for a week at the is funny I am actually very excited to have her come.....nervous but excited!

I know that she is going to be overwhelmed by all the changes that we have done to the cottage....I have forewarned her with tons of pictures etc...but it is going to be very different! I have visions of her asking me "M where is that lovely brown and orange tea pot that was on the counter....and my reply being...oh just give me a bit I am sure I can find it"....then immediately getting into my car, driving to our favorite goodwill with my fingers toes and everything else I can think of crossed hoping that the damn tea pot is still there so I can buy it

I think I am more excited though about the time I am going to have with her.....honestly never before have I looked forward to seeing my Grandmother like I am right now....I know that sounds awful....but like I have mentioned before we really have never been that close. However in the last 6 months due to our numerous chats about the cottage I feel that I have got to know her better....I am going to take this as a second chance....amazing as we mature how we can feel so differently about things!

I feel so fortunate to still have Grandparents alive....I have so much to learn from them, so much history to much knowledge, so many life experiences. My Grandmother was widowed at a very early age...left with two young boys to raise in a town where she had no family....however she rose to the occasion and held on tight to the support of her church family and faith!
She raised two wonderful, successful boys.....established a career of her own and is really one of the strongest women I know.....never to marry again...because in her words to me once... the man that was to be my husband was taken too soon...but he was the only man for me!!
Now that is love....I am going to soke up every minute of conversation I can have with her.....and feed off her faith and strength!!!

m :)


Brooke said...

i agree - grandparents are such a blessing!

Erica said...

Oh Michelle! That is so wonderful. I always wished I had one of those kinds of relationships with where we chatted and shared stories. I hope you get two get to enjoy a wonderful time at the cottage, sharing memories and making new ones. :)


the "mom" said...

enjoy .... and journal her words of wisdom or even blog them - would love to hear them.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

You are so lucky. All my grandparents are dead. Cherish her for as long as you can.

Giantspeedbump said...

I agree, you are very fortunate. The weekend marked the anniversary of my Nanny's passing - she was the last of my grandparents and by far the one I was closest to, and boy do I miss her.

Speaking of your cottage, I'd love to see photos! Have you ever posted any? I have a cottage that is a work in progress too, so I'm always excited to see what others have done. :)