Monday, August 3, 2009


I am sitting here at the cottage totally relaxed, bitter-sweetly thinking how can this weekend be over already??? We have had an awesome weekend....just what we needed....nothing exciting....some sun...nice dinners...nice wine...nice walks...awesome company....:)!!! We really have just had a weekend to gather our thoughts....too try to figure things out! There is so much going on in both of our lives right, adoption.....just life we have had a ton of time to talk things through and get stuff figured out or at least we have figured out how we are going to handle things right now!

As far as the adoption stuff goes, we actually had a lot of time to get some work done on our profile....because it is coming up to a year that we have had our profile done we knew we needed to add some things to our current profile... we managed to get a ton of work done on that this weekend! You've got to love a laptop that you can take anywhere with can even catch a few rays and work all at the same time!!

So it is off to work tomorrow....I have 6 weddings to do in the next 3 weeks so it is going to be crazy....between getting them all prepped for the big finally seeing them on the big day...I can't believe I have time for anyone else in the next 3 we don't see any Bridezilla's in the next couple days!!!

Next weekend we have friends coming up with their 3 kids.....Raine who is 6 and Jack and Cole who are 4 yr old identical twins.....boy will we be tired next week at this time.........I am so looking forward to their visit should be so much fun!! Hoping for great weather and some good beach time!!!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful weekend!
m :)

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Brooke said...

i always get sad on Sunday nights. the nicer the weekend the sadder i get.

good luck with your wedding crews!