Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am back to work after a few days with my Grandmother at the cottage! She is doing very well and really likes what we have done with the place....she is a great sport really....because it is really a big change! She actually said yesterday that I had done a wonderful job of blending the old with the new! Whew....relief....and I haven't had to make any trips back to the Goodwill store!!! lol

I must say it has been very emotionally exhausting watching her this week......I feel so sad sometimes and then in the next moment I feel so motivated...she is a fighter and won't let her disease Parkinson's get her down! I can't imagine how hard it is on her to have to rely on all of us so much and for her to see some of her friends come to visit who are looking so healthy and unaffected at this point with old age like she has been! She is a trooper, she still insists on going for a walk everyday with her walker...when most in her state would have succumbed to a full time wheel chair by now!
So I am back to work now for a few days and then back up to the cottage to spend the later part of her stay with her! I am looking very forward to it!

Yesterday I had a very cool proposition at work.....a new client came into see me...someone that I had meet through another longtime client of mine. This women is an outstanding classical singer and has done some amazing things with her talent. She is very well known in Canada and has preformed around our country....anyways she always puts on a huge fundraiser at the Grand Theater in our city for MS....her mother suffers from MS so this charity is very close to Sonja's heart. So the gala event consists of huge musical performance, dinner and the normal mingling of people! Well she has asked me if I would come with my staff and do all the hair for the evening!

SO FUN......she is a classical singer so she tends to do lots of 40's inspired hairstyles which will be so cool. She and her band do about 4 costume changes within this event so I will be changing the hair and makeup to fit the theme of the sets!!!! I am so excited.....just to do something different..and the honour of her asking me is so HUGE.......not to mention the exposure my salon will get....
So if you can believe it I have my old mannequin head out from my school days practicing all these crazy cool do's.......stay tuned for more details and some pics....

m :)
ps some of you have been asking me about pics of the cottage.....if you go to my list of fav's my picture blog link is there....not a lot of pics but I do have a few before and afters of the you can check them out!!!

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Erica said...

That is awesome! I alway loved the finger-waves and barrel curls of the 40's. I can't wait to see what you come up with. What an opportunity! She obviously recognizes your talent. :)