Monday, March 8, 2010

dog details!

Thanks for all the comments for my last post...I can see that I certainly did surprise some
Now for the not so positive anonymous comments...well geez thanks for those too I guess...I just wish you would let me know who you are and then I might be able to ask you some more questions about your opinions.....anywho....enough about that....I will get on to some dog details!!

So for anyone that has known me for even 5 mins(in real life, not bloggy land) will confirm that I am not entirely the biggest fan of animals....actually that isn't isn't that I don't like them it is just that I have a bit of a fear of them....cats are really really bad, like I wake up in the middle of the night sweating when I think of being in the same room with a mild anxiousness around dogs.....this always passes once I get used to a dog....I totally warm up to them and might even pet them after a few hours...............yes yes miss anonymous I can just see your face....not an ideal situation for someone contemplating a dog!

However for any of you that have known my husband for a mere 2 will know that he is the biggest animal lover on the face of this planet......and I am NOT kidding here....I often tease him that he has a special language that only he and animals doesn't matter where we go if there is a dog cat....bird...hamster they will immediately be at T's footsteps and he is so great with them all the attention they need and deserve!

Yes growing up T always had a dog in the house.........all his siblings have dogs and cats....and T is their favorite human on the planet I am sure of it! So you can imagine T's family and friends surprise when he brought this new girl home and had to warn them to hide all four legged animals before we arrived...........yes I can just imagine their jaws hitting the floor.....YOU are dating someone that doesn't like animals.......(and again it is not dislike it is fear) they obviously thought it was absurd and clearly wouldn't last.......T the animal lover, they had always imagined him with a dog by his side.........I believe one of T's friends even said those exact words to him...."are you sure she is scared of dogs"...........well I guess he was sure because not too many months later we were engaged and there was no puppy in sight!!

We definitely have chatted about pets before.....I have said that really I could see myself totally falling in love with a dog someday, a cat never.......unfortunately where we live at this point though doesn't allow pets, so this was something that we would talk about and then just say " well no need to worry about it right now because we can't at this point anyways"!!!

I have been thinking about it on and off ever since we bought the cottage....thinking how much T would love to have a dog and how when we are up there it would be such a great place for him or her........but then I would always come back to our place in the pets! So after our trip when we decided that it was time to keep on keepin on, I was driving home one night and thought....well there is absolutely no reason why we can't make a lateral move in the city to a better suited location to have a pet and after that get a dog to be part of our family!!

Honestly it was so awesome when I suggested this to T.........if you could have seen the look on his face.........seriously this guy loves dogs..........and I truly believe that I will far as all the details people have commented about, what about when we are at work etc....well luckily T can take the little puppy with him if need be, it has been done before when his brother got a lab a few years ago(I'm sure my MIL is dying right now).....and yes I get that dogs/puppies are a ton of work but I think it will be such a great addition..........and honestly I can't wait!

Yes this would be something very new and different for me, but for T this is really very normal....he is very experienced and informed about having a dog be part of you family......I must admit I do think that all along he was pretty sure he would convince me that this would be a great thing.....good job T!!!



Rebekah said...

These are all the same reasons I got into mountain biking. And It's now one of my favorite pass-the-times! :)

BB said...

I wasn't a pet person, in fact I pretty much hated dogs. Then while waiting for our adoption we got Captain and I am incredibly smitten. I LOVE him like crazy!!! I don't regret it one bit, especially because R loves him, too!

Sarah said...

OMG - seriously what is up with the annonymous people who have nothing better to do with their time than comment on your blog??? It's so funny.
I think you will like having a dog. It's a great excuse to get out walking and your cottage would be great for a dog - just don't some huge old slobbery beast that will shed all over your house.
Hey - want a Sheltie? Maybe I can convince Tom to give him up....NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Help a doggy at your local shelter. Most times they are already trained.

Just so you know that when I decided I wasn't getting a baby through adoption and started to let go and think of other things in my life, we got "the call" and baby in our arms a couple months later. I believe it'll happen for you guys...keep the faith!

the "mom" said...

Good luck with the dog. You will love it Michelle.... I know you will. Because you are that kind of a person.
I wouldn't trade my little chloe for anything even though she can be annoying with her barking. But hey - you can't be annoying sometimes!! lol