Sunday, March 28, 2010

making a difference!

I had a client say to me this week...."Michelle, I am so glad that I met have really made a difference in my life!


After 17 years in this business, it still surprises me when a client says something like this to me, I tend to forget that sometimes my job has nothing to do with hair and the way people has way more to do with how people feel! I forget that sometimes, I am the only person some of my clients have....the only person they can bounce ideas off of, the only person that will cry with them when they have suffered a terrible lose....the only person that will listen to them without judgement...the only person that will cheer them on, laugh at their life with them...the only person that they have!

This comment has got me thinking, it has made me think about my journey, my life thus really is funny that when you take a step back and think about your life the stuff you remember at first is the stuff you would rather forget......yes I have made some pretty major mistakes...I guess we all have....however the lessons I have learned from these mistakes I would never give back...they have been invaluable......they have made me stronger and smarter.........they have helped shape my life.

This comment from my client though has started to make me think about what kind of difference can I make....I know I could definitely be doing more, we all could I suppose. When you take a step back and for once not have all your own little problems at the forefront of your mind and look at the big picture....what else could I be doing!

I love my job for this type of thing....everyday I am left astonished by the lives of others...some are such wonderful stories that sometimes seem unreal, like a fairytale...others though, are so painful and tragic....they certainly put everything into perspective when thinking about your own life! But when someone comes in and thanks me for what I have done for them, I just have to I doing the best I can for everyone!

Am I certain that I don't let my concerns and emotions cloud my day when talking to my clients....because that one day may be the day they really need me.....that one day that I am feeling down may be the one day they need me to be up and positive! I am so glad my client told me this for many just because any compliment makes you feel great and certainly boost's your spirits....but more importantly it reminded me that I need to remember my job has less to do with hair and makeup and more to do with the important stuff on the inside!!

I guess we all should take a step back every once in awhile and ask ourselves what are we doing for others....are we making a positive impact, at the end of our journey are we going to be happy with what we have accomplised....and not just by the things we have but by the difference we have made!



Brooke said...

wow - that's an awesome compliment.

Shelley said...

You ROCK, Michelle :)

Rebekah said...

Wish you were closer so you could do MY hair!!! :)

Love little moments like this.