Friday, October 26, 2012


It's 4am and I am wide awake!


Surprise Surprise!

grrrrrrrrrr this really pisses me off!

and to top if off,  I'm what is going to happen next...I'm going to grab a snack which I don't need,  and as I tear open the package of something sinfully junky, I'm going to wake little D which will wake Mr T....and then I am going to have to admit what I'm worried about. All bad bad bad!!

Ok on second thought to avoid the extra pounds and the screaming babe and the "chat" about the worry...I'm going to attempt to sneak back into bed...unnoticed, still hungry...and just worry in a horizontal position.

Wish me luck!


Tarabelle said...

I was up at that hour worrying along with ya. Not a fan of insomnia worry.

Better luck to both of us tonight!


Ashlee Christopher said...

I am sorry girl hope today is better and I hope you get some sleep tonight!!

Stephanie said...

Ugh. Insomnia, worrying...the worst! Hope whatever it was worked itself out!
Maybe wine would help?