Sunday, October 21, 2012

My 39th Year!!!!

Tomorrow I turn 38!! How did this mind still feels like it is in its mid to late twenties...but when I look in the mirror I can see all 38 years, grey hair, tiny lines starting to form around my eyes...and when I look at twenty somethings now...oh my, I can see the difference. I think it is officially time for me to stop shopping at Forever 21!?!?
I have to say I have been so incredibly lucky. My years have been wonderful...exciting, happy times!

This is what I have learned in my 38 years!

1- there is nothing more rewarding than working hard and fulfilling a dream

2- watch what you say with passion, it will usually come back and bite you in the ass

3- friends will change, your family won't

4- learning a healthy way of living is more important then being a size 2

5- life is rough, wear a helmet!

6- always tell the truth, it truly will set you free

7- have faith...whatever you choose to believe in, believe in it with all your heart! Some day faith may be the only thing that you have to get you through!

8- having a positive attitude can save your life

9- be grateful for everyday...each one is a gift

10- the love you can have for your child is like no other

So here I am embarking on my 39th year! I think I will enjoy these next couple of days to the fullest...doing everything with complete heart and soul....grateful for all things in my life big and small....looking ahead with wonderful, excited anticipation!


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Stephanie said...

I love LOVE your list!! Happy Birthday to you, hope this year is one of the best :)