Thursday, May 21, 2009

things I am most thankful for.....#6

Beautiful sun shiny is absolutely gorgeous here today....couldn't be better......ahhhhh I am so thankful for days like these!!!!
have a good one!
m :)


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Wow...did you take that picture?

Enjoy this beautiful day! Make the most of it!


Dionne said...

How pretty!

Yes, beautiful weather is DEFINITELY something to throw a parade about!

Shauna said...

Awesome pic! Hey come on over and check out my new book giveaway blog :)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Good to know you're having a good day! I just love that sunflower picture. Well, I should say I love anything sunflower! It's the flower that inspired my online shop. Oh if u wanna check it, it's - enjoy!

Brooke said...


Erica said...

I would LOVE some sunshine. I almost can't remember what the sun looks like. We have had so much rain here over the past month that the turtles are abandoning the creeks in search of higher ground! LOL I feel ike we live in Seattle or something... Send some sunshine our way when you get a chance! PS- I'm really enjoying your thankful series. :)