Friday, May 8, 2009

things I am thankful for.....#1

One of my fellow blogging buddies has just finished doing a round of documenting 30 things she is most thankful for!!! I got to thinking what a great idea........I know that I sometimes...more often than I care to admit....take things for granted....I worry about the small shit and don't really think about all the wonderful things that I have in my I thought I would try to complete this challenge of the challenge will not be finding 30 things I am thankful for it will be documenting them my friend did one a day for 30 days........well you all witnessed the whole pic a day for 365 days went for I'm not going to pressure myself with this.............I will post as often as I can.....:)

So my first thing I am most thankful for is my husband.........I know sappy sappy but really, I would be a mess without him........geezzzz he really keeps things together around here.....he has made my life so complete...........he is my best friend and I can't imagine life without him. I know when things are not going just as I want them too or I am having a really rough day.......the thing that gets me through is knowing that I get to come home and be with him.....he grounds me and somehow makes things look brighter and better every time!!!

For all the shit that I has happened in my times I never thought I would get through it, but when I look at my husband it all seems worth it..........if not for all of those experiences I would never have had the chance to meet "T" and would never had the relationship I have now......

So the first thing I am most thankful for is, of course........."T"!!!!



Erica said...

here here to good husbands! :) So many times when I'm talking with other wives, I'm reminded of how blessed I am and how wonderful my hubby is. People like us are so lucky to have found someone to weather the storms with us as well as celebrate the sunny spots.

Sally's World said...

actually this is a great idea, no matter what we are going through, how bad we feel, if we start listing things we are grateful for, its impossible to feel depressed...may thieve the idea myself lol!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start my day - tears and all!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I guess you know how thankful we are and glad that you and Terry found each other...and of course we couldn't have picked a better son-in-law either.
p.s Tell T. my sermon for tomorrow is entitled the ABC's of a Good Mother-in-law. He will have to read it to see if I past the test!!!LOL

the "mom" said...

good idea to do the 30 things that you are thankful for... it will get us all thinking I am sure.
glad that T is top on your list!!

looking forward to the next 29!!!

Bernadette said...

"he grounds me and somehow makes things look brighter and better every time!"

How lucky you are to have someone like this in your life!

I think this "thankful list" is just a great idea...I can't wait to see the next 29! It certainly makes me think about all the things in my own life that I am grateful for!

Brooke said...

wonderful husbands really are a blessing! :) I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have you!!