Tuesday, May 19, 2009

things I am thankful for.....#5

This weekend was so much fun....a long weekend and actually a long weekend for T and I....we both took the extra day this year which we don't always do, so I actually feel rested and relaxed which is so awesome!
We had a wonderful weekend up at the "cottage", man that still feels really strange to say out loud.....crazy..... it sounds way to grown up or something for me to be saying...I hope no one gets the wrong idea when I say that word because it is really a cottage cottage nothing fancy....seriously....anyways back to the point of this thankful blog...which actually has nothing to do with the "cottage"...lol

So the next thing I am thankful for is my relationship with my sister in-law. I really have no idea if she reads this blog....if she does, I am sure she may be surprised by this!
I just love that I have been able to get to know her so well and am very grateful for our relationship. She and her family came up for a visit this weekend and after they left I said to T that I was so lucky to have a sister in-law like her(and I have had a few from a previous relationship, so I feel that I can be a good judge of sister in-law character) lol lol!
Seriously though, we get along great....have some of the same interests...think similarly about many things...I really like spending time with her, and know that if I needed something, advice etc I could always talk to her....as well as T, I know we have chatted before about this is he too feels very close to her....and knows that we could always count on her and her family!

I think the fact that I have been doing her hair for almost the entire time I have known T has really made a difference in our relationship......we have spent 2 hours together every 6 weeks which has given us tons of one on one time that we may not have had otherwise!

So that is #5 on my thankful list....here's to a great sister in-law!!!



Brooke said...

mr. right is an only child - but its amazing the difference great inlaw's make :)

Sally's World said...

one of my sister in laws is my best friend, even tho her and my brother split up, it makes a huge difference. and one of my husbands brothers adn i are really close....big help!

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

What a blessing! I consider my sister's husband my blood brother. He has been a true blessing in my life.