Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve.....

I want this post to be as positive as possible........I don't want to look back at this someday and feel disappointed in myself for being negative and not grateful for all the things that I have....which are so many!

So I will focus on the positive things that have happened since last Christmas......I have a wonderful year has matured me...has made me open my heart and my head to new ideas.......I now know that things don't just always work out as believe me I did realize this, I have had many hard things to get through....but I have learned this year to have more patience than ever look at things from a different be totally thankful for what I do have and prepare my heart for whatever is next!!!!

My faith has grown, I have opened my heart more than ever before to trust that what is supposed to happen will and I will be okay with that in time........that is why at this point I can't give up.....right now I am more ready for a child to join our family..more than ever!

This year has been the hardest year of my life, but this year I have learned that their are things that are so much worse for others........last night I was watching a program about a women that is waiting for a lung transplant, she has been waiting 7 that is waiting.....I couldn't even think about what we are waiting for....this is this women's life, she has children a loving husband a family that love her, and she is waiting for something that is going to prolong her time with them.....I would give up my wait for her....last night I prayed for her..... someone I don't even know rather than myself.....she needs this...her family needs this.......

So this year I am thankful for so many reasons........who knows what next year will bring......more hope, more faith...more new friendships....more love........

Merry Christmas Everyone!
m :)

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Anonymous said...

If there would be a "like" button here, I would certainly click on it! :-) I'm hoping and praying that your dreams and wishes will come true in deserve it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!