Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Pfile Christmas Party RETURNED!!

So SAT night T and I had our annual Christmas Party!!! Now when I say annual that is not entirely true...we missed last year because.... well basically I was being a total scrooge and really just wanted to sleep through Christmas.....and to be honest leading up to last night I was TOTALLY dreading this party......I was going through the motions...prepping and planning and fussing over my "stations" and fun treats I would serve....but deep down I just wanted it all to go away......festive I was NOT feeling!!!

But something happened Sat to get me into the mood I chatted about the party at work all week, I noticed the girls that I work with getting kind of excited about it....wondering what I would be having and wanting me to bring in the leftover goodies....they were pumped....probably they are just so relieved I have put the Christmas Funk of 08 to when I left work, I had a little spring in my step and was starting to get excited about the upcoming festivities!!!

Well I was not disappointed.....we had a blast....such a great time with a great bunch of people!!! This party has always been the original group of friends of T's....these 5 guys started elementary school together and are still best of is so great...of course there have been others to join the clan since then...what a wonderful time to catch up with everyone...

All the food was gobbled up and drinks were flowing and I must add that the popcorn bar was a HUGE was so great to catch up with everyone...great way to start the Christmas Season!!!!



H said...

Glad your party was great! A good gathering of friends always is a pick-me-up for me, too!:) Here's to a non-funk 2010:)

Corey Family said...

Sounds like a blast! I might have to use your popcorn bar idea :)