Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Recap.....

So I have decided that on Monday's I am going to recap my week......I know some of you are thinking what the heck???...Monday...well folks I'm a Tues to Sat "workin girl" you know that sinking feeling you get at about 4 o clock on a Sunday afternoon........just right about the time you are starting to feel really remember ugghhhh it's Monday tomorrow, the boss is calling.... it is time to get your buns back to work........well that is me right now......late Monday afternoon....just had a great day doing my thing and I just remembered...yep gotta pay the bills, so I must get back to work....:)

So this is really the last few hours of my "week/ weekend"!

Here goes, here are the highlights of my week.........

-so of course last Tues I had off...yeah....hmmm how could I make that happen every week???

-the big event of that day was getting the old legs looked after...the dreaded veins.....and yes I am still stuffing my "stumps" into the beloved compression stockings and walking 1/2 hour right after I get out of bed and 1/2 right before I go to fun...I have actually bumped it up to running...hopefully that is allowed...??

-found 3 more huge baskets of clothes in the basement on my salon....OMG this whole clean closet thing is getting crazy...I have already sold a few things...yipee....feels so good to get rid of this stuff.....and make another persons day.......although it is a bit curious watching your pants walk in front of you on someone else's behind.......especially when they look better on the other behind??? :)

-got word from our social worker that there are NO babies in site....ughhh there hasn't been one in our area since the beginning of the waiting patiently continues.......

-only had 1 super annoying person ask me the dreaded..."so have you heard anything yet, why would it have happened for so and so, so quickly and it is taking you and your husband such a long time....are you doing something wrong...are you not talking to the right people"??
"oh gosh.... thankyou for finally noticing, we are doing something wrong...we were just waiting to see how long it would take for someone to we will go and do what we are supposed too and it will happen for sure by next week"........lady bug off....please don't ask me stupid questions...clearly we are doing everything we can.........everything we know how to do to make this adoption happen....aghhgghhh

-had sushi night with my brother and his girlfriend on Sat so so good....yummy food and great company!

- went to my Mom's church on Sunday.....mmm I like it there....I have been really thinking about finding a church and I think I know why I just never seem to find a good fit for me...because I really want to go to my Mom's church, that is were I feel very comfortable....but it is about an hour drive away which is a bit much every Sunday how will we make that work.....hmmm.... more on that to follow.....:)

-so the last "event" of our week is that we have decided to do a detox.....YIKES....we started this morning, we are doing the Wild Rose no sugar, no rubber candy, no wheat, no preservatives, no booze....for 12 days.......lots of veggies...almonds, fish, water....etc...hmm sounds like fun doesn't it...I have done cleanses before so I know the drill and I can't wait to feel that light healthy feeling 12 days from now..........I will spare you the gory details....but light was the operative word there, use your imagination people.....hehe

So that is about it.......gearing up for another busy clean closet sale is this Sunday so lots going on to deter me from the candy cupboard.....hopefully!!!!

m :)


Dionne said...

Some people really don't think before they ask questions, do they? How silly of her!

More clothes? How many clothes do you have, girl? Wow! Things keep popping up everywhere!

An hour away for church? If you can't find a church that you like more, I think it's well worth the drive!

Anonymous said...

Good luck w/ the detox! I've heard good things! I can't do it bc of my OCD meds. It would detox them right out of me and that would not be pretty!

Argh..infertility and adoption...the faux paus and platitudes that ppl say annoy me.

Anonymous said...

I am/was a detox virgin. I enjoy food, or rather I enjoy food that I probably shouldn't! 1 day under my belt with the 'Wild Rose Experiment', and not too bad, no uncomfortable situations, lol. However, I am very scared about the next 11 days, I may have to recap next Monday as well, lol


Brooke said...

i always get the sunday night blues!

Erica said...

Someone should write a book on the stupid stuff people say related to IF/adoption. Seriously....

I know what you mean about church. We had one that we LOVED but moved and now it's 45 minutes away. But can't find one's hard though because even though we "could" drive, we want locally so that eventually, our child could go there with their friends and stuff. So, the hunt continues.

Good luck with the detox.


Pam said...

Stopping by via SITS. Love the idea of a weekly recap! Good luck with the detox and the adoption process.

The Blonde Duck said...

I can only detox with cheeseburgers and pie. :)