Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blogger love.......

Today I wanted to ask everyone that supports me to go on over and visit my cousin who is in Kenya right now!!!

She is amazing.....she is embarking on a life changing adventure....not only is she expierencing a culture that is nothing that she has ever seen before....she is helping at an orphange in Kenya...falling in love with all these precious little ones!
But as you can imagine it is quite a culture shock....we are so very lucky here, we have NO idea....just the fact that we can have a hot shower in the morning, is more than she can right now!!

JD is also overcoming a fear of being away from home and loved ones for a long period of time!!! I know how hard this is....I once spent 3 months of my life living in a different country and unfortunatly I didn't make the best of it....I was homesick and afraid....so I walked around dazed and confused for 3 months instead of embracing my time away and making the best of it, my biggest regret thus far in my life is that 3 month expierence.....JD is so much stronger than I....I know she is going to face this with all she has and get through it!!

We are all so so proud of her and can't wait for her return to enrich all of our lives with her tales...that will make all of us more aware of the world around us....make us see first hand how lucky we truly are...how thankful we should all be everyday of our lives.

love ya jamie....<3<3<3>3>3>3....lol
m :)

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The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Good for her! I always admire people who follow their heart! I'll go over and check it out!