Monday, October 12, 2009


Alright that's it.....I am done....I am so done being sad and is sooooo exhausting....this is crazy I am so over it!!

I don't know what has hit me this morning but when I look over the last few blogs I am actually making myself sick reading gosh WTH......

SO....I am no longer going to apologize or feel bad for the decisions I have to all of the idiots that made negative comments towards our article in the Globe and Mail......screw you.....I am here to inform you that I am proud of know what, I can proudly say 10 years from now, no matter what happens in our life.... we did everything in our power to find our child(thankyou Mom, Dad, Aunt Carol, Lisa T and Robin for making me see this).....I will not have any regrets...of course there are always going to be people that don't agree with you, that is the great thing about us all being so boring life would be if we all saw things through the same coloured glasses.......
This morning a thought struck me in the shower, like really how many people get to be on the cover of the Globe and Mail????....I'm pretty sure not many.....I should have been soooo excited all week about it, not sad and angry with myself for doing to all of you may have got me for a week but you haven't got me anymore.....because I am back....and I am just going to assume that all of you are just always negative downers.....shit if your comments made me act and feel how I was feeling, for a whole 6 days.... let me tell you your life must just suck because it takes way more energy to be negative than it does to be positive.....because I am exhausted!!
This whole situation is not going to get me down for one more minute.....I am a strong positive person.....I am no longer going to worry about what people think....yes that's right this blog is going public once again....ssheeesh I can't believe that I let a few lame people's comments get me down....I have way too many people write me or chat with me about my blog, telling me how much I have helped them, that they can relate and love reading to the few people that sit around at their family Sunday night dinners, discussing my decisions and what I write about...get a are not going to get me down for one more minute!!

AND.....This situation is not going to ruin my favorite time of year again ....NO WAY.....for 33 years my absolute favorite time of year has been from Thanksgiving until New Years Day....such a fun time we always so much going on...parties, birthday's......and I will not sit around and be sad like I was last yeah did I think we would have a child to spend the Holidays with....well of course I did, but what the hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean it won't and it doesn't mean I should sit around and sulk about no I won't be doing the Martha Stewart Kids Christmas crafts yet but I can have a fabulous Wine Tasting Adults only Christmas Party.....I can entertain to my hearts favorite thing to do!!

AND.....This stupid situation is not going to let me forget that I have a very successful business to run.....I love what I do...yes there are always bumps in the road....and I am in one right with harder.....think outside the I always do....don't sit around and mope about it because you have had a hard week.....fix it!!!

So NO, I don't know what is going to happen in our one does........yes I would love to know and be able to plan but that isn't the one gets to I am going to enjoy this ride called life and move on taking it in stride.... having fun, working hard and enjoying every minute.....sorry for the lapse in my character, that depressing person that was around for a week......I guess I just let a few idiots get in my head space for a bit......well NO MORE.....I am back, back to myself.....and I bet all those people with the rude comments are still sitting around being negative....ruining someone else's week.....and I can almost guarantee that they all have really REALLY BAD HAIR!!!!! :)
MiCheLLe is MOVING ON!!!


BB said...

Wooooohoooo!! Good for you Michelle! Tell them to SHOVE IT!!

Susan said...

Now that's my daughter talking.And a great reminder to each and everyone of us to make the most of each moment we are given and as my sermon this week was titled...give thanks in all circumstances...the highest level of thankfulness we can give believing and having faith in knowing that God works through all circumstances for ultimate good...even though it is so hard for us to see and understand.

Terry said...

Welcome back LOVER!!

michelle said...


Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl!

RB said...

Hang in there! Good for you!

the "mom" said...

Perfect!! remember my motto... it is ok to crawl into bed for a day or a few and be depressed... but the difference is ... that you get out of bed stronger than ever.

and in my mind - that is all good

as jamie says - hills and valleys, hills and valleys.


the "mom" said...

AHHHH.. and one more thing
those who read bloga and gossip after, not leaving any comments are creepers... not supporters.

we simply don't need them in our lives!!

leave them in the dust as someday they will need support!!!

chelsea says - "there is a reason why some people are not in your future (or something like that)


Sally's World said...

good for you, this is a great and positive post, certainly more positive than i feel today...but thats a whol nother story lol xxxxx

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Wow! How inspirational! I feel empowered just reading YOU!

Don't let the Bastids get you down, Michelle!

Happy to be reading you again :)

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...
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