Friday, October 16, 2009


So I have a funny funny story to share with was something that happened at my husbands Thanksgiving Family dinner last weekend......hehe....I can already see my MIL gasping thinking "oh my" what is she going to say this time.......not to worry nothing tragic just funny very very funny!!!

So you have all heard my chat about my husbands Grandmother Kay...she is a hmmmm how do I put this... well she is a very lively 90 year old.....she has more spunk than I do...seriously I would have loved to see this women in action 40 years ago....WOW....

So to set the stage for you Terry, myself, Kay and Ron(Terry's grandparents) where all sitting in the living was on, we all had a drink and really not much chatting was going on.....I was honestly totally thinking about the hellish week I had had and wasn't really focusing on much.....well I was in lala land...Terry later told me her overheard Ron say to Kay "so did you ask her"....."ask who what" Kay replied...."ask Michelle about the pants".....that is about when I must have heard my name and started paying attention.....I then heard Kay reply "NO Laura is going to try them".....this got my attention and at that very moment when Kay said my name I glanced at her perfectly manicured hand and saw the most HIDEOUS pants all folded up beside her...........OH NO I thought her we go......this isn't going to be good!!!

So Kay said "Michelle would you like to try this pants on to see if they fit you" stomach did a flip flop and I thought oh she unfolded them with all there patterned lime green, charcoal, animal print glory I cringed..........ughghgh what the heck....I am not EVER in my life going to wear those capri like pants.....yes Kay you would wear those they are totally your style.....loud, vibrant actually I'm sure many would like them, but not me....I really like to my mind started working overtime....okay Michelle you have 2 choices can lie and say oh sure I will try them and then say they don't fit....(sidebar here....that is what my sister in-law said...who is tall, thin and beautiful and maybe a size 8 but she told Kay that they would be too tight WHATEVER....and I think my MIL even said they would be to tight....uhmmmmm my MIL looks amazing right now, lost a ton of weight so I think they would have fit her just fine) anyways I had to make a split decision which way I was going to go with this reply....and sadly I choose honesty is the best policy....ughghg why why would I have had to be an upstanding citizen at that moment.....maybe not the best choice!!!

So I took a deep breath and said Thanks Kay for the offer but honestly I just don't think I would wear them....they just really aren't me.....and she replied rather abruptly "WELL I LIKE THEM, they are a gorgeuos pair of pants, they still have the tags on them they would have cost a lot of money"....I sort of smiled and said well I know you like them, and that is great but I wouldn't want to take them and not wear them when someone else could be enjoying them.....ughhg I was sinking fast here....I could see Terry's grandfather looking at me with a not to impressed look over the top of his glasses...sheeessshhh I needed some help here I treading in very deep water and no one was helping me out.....there was a bit of silence and then she said Kay fashion....a very calculated remark....."well I guess I could always ask Kelly(Terry's sister, who was not there)....but I don't know how fat she is right now....I don't know if they would fit her....but I know for sure they would fit you" AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Nice move Kay....I got the point that was to get back at me for being so rude about her pants........hmmm even at 90 years old she can trump me...... just so you all know the pants were a size 14 and I can honestly say they would have been too big....I am a perfect size 10 these days...... thankyou very

So later on in the evening, I said to Terry well who knows where my point value was sitting with your Grandparents....I think it moves around a bit.....but at this moment I am guaranteeing it is sitting in the negative.....!!!

haha....Thanksgiving at the


BP said...

Actually they were too big for me!
I'm sorry I missed all the fun - I must have been in the kitchen.

just another reason why you all enjoy these family gatherings so much!

The pants are still here and so I looked at them again today - they are a weird cut and I imagine they might not fit anybody and that is why they were on sale $109.00 for $10.00!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, don't ya just love the elderly?? My Grandmother is always giving me clothes. "Thanks Grandma! They're great!". I never wear them, but I know it makes her happy....