Wednesday, October 7, 2009

feeling much better.....

This is an email I received from the co founder of CanadaAdopts this regards to his Congratulatory email he sent Terry and myself on Monday night after the article in the Globe....of course my response to him was not as upbeat....this email has made me feel sooooo much better about everything.....I need to stop with the negative feelings...yes some of it was not written the way we see things...but it is getting the word out(is it ever)....and what more can we ask for.....our lawyer in Kitchener said network until you almost feel nauseous.....well we can take that off the to do list.....nauseousness------check!!!

Hi Michelle and Terry,

Thanks for getting back to me. And I know what you mean about having mixed feelings about the story. It never turns out the way you imagined it would. Little things get blown out of proportion and the stuff you want to emphasize takes a back seat. If only we could write the articles ourselves!
I wish they could have had a bit more information about our website, too! But I understand what the appeal of YouTube is. People know it, they don't know our website. And there's a perception that YouTube is a place to post silly videos and tv clips, so what are waiting couples doing on it?!
It was the same story back in 2001 when we launched our site: The internet is a great place to buy CDs and books, so what are waiting couples doing on it? But I think that by now the answer is self-explanatory.
So let's hope the added exposure does the trick. I know how hard it must be to give up your privacy and have everyone know about your adoption journey, but hopefully one day all of your networking efforts will pay off.

But I also think there's another more intangible benefit to it: it will help you to start thinking like an adoptive parent. There's a huge emotional and psychological learning curve involved in adoption, and this is one way to prepare you for some of the challenges that lie ahead. It's also a way to connect with larger community out there.

Sorry to hear the Tennessee lead didn't pan out, but it's good that you ran it by your social worker. Hopefully the next lead will be the one you're looking for!



BB said...

What a nice note! I think it is great that you are making lots of connections! I really think it will benefit you in the long run, even if it feels crappy right now.

At some point, you just have to stop caring about the judgement. It is pretty much impossible to do completely, but you will make large strides towards it, There will always be ppl that judge without knowledge!

I'm so glad you are feeling better about the whole situation! I am excited to see what this brings for you!

Giantspeedbump said...

I really like the comment about "thinking like an adoptive parent"...I sometimes think about how topsy turvey our lives would be if we got the call saying there's been a match...and we have 24 hours to get ready. Man, we'd be in for a shocker!!