Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the life of a blogger!!!

I have been writing this blog now for about a year and a half.....what an interesting has had its high points and of course its low points.....

I have had moments that I have thought I'm not doing this anymore.....after a negative comment or something that I have shared has hurt someone else.....but in the end I say to myself..."no one has to read this"...this is my personal space and I really can write whatever I want! In my line of work you have to be UP all the one wants to come in and have me in a sad/bad mood.....I need to support them through whatever they are going through at the time.....quite honestly lots of times at the end of my world looks pretty damn good after listening to my clients all day!!! :)

I have also had my "going private" moments too....actually did that for a week or so...again after insecurities got the best of me and I just couldn't take the negative stuff!

I do still find it funny that the people who comment and vocally support me are most of the time, not all I am totally generalizing here(actually today I received a really nice comment from someone that I have known for literally years, which was so nice)...but a lot of the people are people that I have never met in the "real world".......the people that I have met on this blog have literally gotten me through the darkest deepest moments.....I read fellow bloggers posts and it is almost like I wrote them myself.....I can see their pain and relate to their struggles and celebrate with them in their victories...their high moments!!!

It really feels like I have a whole new network of people that support me.....and I do think, I guess I don't know this for sure but I do think that the readers that don't comment and don't say anything to me personally are there keeping me up too, sending out positive prayers for us...

I am sure that sometimes the things I am feeling and writing people don't agree with.....that is something I have learned on this journey...not everyone is going to agree with what we closest family and friends may not agree with the path we have chosen....I do feel that before our life took this turn I was naive enough to think that everyone would just agree with us...see it our way.....I have grown to see that no, that is not the way it is......thankfully most people in my life even though they may not agree 100% us...still support....for that I am truly grateful!!!

I guess today I am just reflecting on my blogging it has brought people back into my life and it has opened up a whole new support it is a thankyou to all you have given us hope, got me through the tough stuff....and to the people that don't agree or read a post and feel negativity towards it just never ever know what you would do until you are sitting in the exact same seat as someone please be your mind to new thoughts and ideas....and if I or any other blog is bringing you down...stop reading it and move on to something that will help you on your particular path......

m :)


Shelley said...
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Shelley said...


Don't worry about what others think, you'll drive yourself nuts doing that! Had I worried about what others thought, including my own family, I wouldn't have placed my son and I know he has a much better life than he would have if I had parented. I love that he has a daddy who loves him and a great loving extended family. Both things he would have missed out on if he was here with me.

As with most things in life, there are always going to be people who don't agree. What really matters is what you and T think is right for you. No one else can know exactly what is right for you.