Friday, November 20, 2009

my Mom and Dad are away for a couple weeks....I guess I just needed a to "hear" her voice tonight...this is a comment she left me a few blogs ago....I'm not sure that it really sunk in when she posted it...but for some reason I came across it tonight....exactly what I needed!

"...give thanks in all circumstances...the highest level of thankfulness we can give is believing and having faith in knowing that God works through all circumstances for ultimate good...even though it is so hard for us to see and understand."

once again, even miles away she knows the perfect thing to say!!

m :)


H said...

So, so true!:) Thanks for that!

Lynnette said...

Your mom always knows that right things to say at the right times--Hang in there and I love your Christmas decorations. We put our tree up yesterday...