Saturday, November 7, 2009


The MULLET????

What is the first thing you think of when you see that word.....what picture comes to your mind! I will never understand the fascination with the mullet.....and why some women STILL have don't get me wrong there is a very "envogue" version that was so popular last season.....and even a trend this season that could be described as "mulletish!!! But quite frankly we do not have many sporting the trendy version here in this smalltown.....if there is any mullets it is the old fashioned....hideous kind!!! You know it, the infamous mullet also known as HOCKEY HAIR!!

Yesterday I had a new client booked in with me....which is always exciting something fresh and new....I even still get a few butterflies in my stomach if anticipation.....hmmm wondering what this person will be like....nice, laidback, snobby....I get them this women walked in and from the back of the salon I could see the first thing that caught my eye was her haircolor some sort of lackluster shade of auburn....definitely an at home job, definitely not a good color for her....but hey that is why she is here right....I will get her out of that color in no I started towards the front of the salon I was getting a better look at what I was getting to work on..........oh my.....I could see that she had the bottom half of her hair tied back....however the top of her hair was SHORT almost spikey.....WTH????

WOW I thought how are we going to let this women down gently.....telling her that she looked like a walking hair tragedy.....well honestly is always my best policy so here we go.........I thought to myself well maybe she just had a REALLY REALLY bad last haircut and that is why she is here......she had to wait 6 weeks for this appt so she really wanted to wait and see me.....okay that must be it!!

So we get seated for our consultation....and I start off by telling her how much I like her shirt and how nice it is to meet her and then we get into the nitty gritty...so_____ what are we going to do today......and to my surprise she replied saying as she was pulling out her "pony".....just a trim please....I have finally got this to a length that I can pull it back..........OH wow....okay I have my work cut out for me here....because this head is not leaving this building with my name on it cut in any shape that it is now...yikes!!!

This women needs to get educated.....and she is so attractive, tall slim very young I figure I will start with that.......I said sure I can do that but you are so attractive I almost feel like all of this length is pulling you down......and do you like this top area so short.....???? So after chatting with her for a bit she sort of opened up and realized that all the short pieces where really causing her trouble when she styled it.....ahhhhh thank we gave her a totally new look...........she looked so awesome....and is coming back to get that terrible color fixed....ahhh...

Her last comment to me was.........."thank-you for being so honest, most people just do it and never give my any did I have a mullet"....well I could not lie...."yes yes, you did one of the best I have seen in years........and to be honest no one leaves here with a mullet"....we all laughed and she booked for a color and cut is six weeks!!



Giantspeedbump said...

Yay for you! I love hearing a story from the other side of the chair. I have a pretty great relationship with my stylist and she loves it when I come in for a big change. I am a bit obsessed with the psychology of hair salons and I'm always watching the stylists facial cues and studying how they support and communicate with each other and say certain things around me as a client. I think my stylist thinks I'm nuts because I'm always analysing, but it really is fascinating. :))

Jamie D said...

hahahaha omg i was reading this and dying laughing... bill was like "what what what.... what are u laughing about" and i couldnt even tell him I was so involved in it.

im still cracking up!!