Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Approaching the New Year...

So here we are again...getting set for a New Year, 2009. A time when we all start to think about resolutions and what we can do to make this coming year better, different or just improve something about ourselves.
In the shower this morning I was thinking well what are my resolutions going to be this year? You know there is always the lose the "last 10" but lets be honest here..I have been making and breaking that resolution since I was 13 years old I'm sure. No I don't think I will do that....I think I am going to try the "let's be happy with yourself" resolution...time to stop comparing and obsessing about weight....hmmm we will see how I get along with that one!! lol

So I'm still pondering....don't get me wrong I have tons of things that I think I need to work on. Of course I am looking forward to a New Year to begin, and all the possibilities it may bring for Terry and I. Hoping and praying that this will be the year that we are chosen and are lucky enough to raise a baby of our own.

I still feel though that there is more....our whole life right now just seems to be in limbo...I don't really know what way to turn. I have tons of paths that I could take with my business..it is growing so rapidly right now which is such a dream come true for me. But the lingering thought is always in the back of my mind... if a baby comes I can't be tied up too much with my work. So I wait(happily)...I won't do anything more with the business at this point just in case. So I will have the flexibility that I do now.

Yes, I think that is it for me right now....I am not used to not taking the next step. I have continuously moved to the next thing my whole life...never stopping to smell the roses. I always have the next move in my head...one more step forward. I DO think that this "waiting period" is a good lesson for me...I can't control this...I just have to wait!

So I think I have it...my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION is going to be.....try to just take the days as they come...be thankful for the here and now! Stop worrying so much about what the future may hold..because no one ever knows...we will just keep praying and hoping for our dreams to come true, when they are supposed too...here I go again with that damn cliche "things will happen when they are supposed too"!! I just need to stop saying it...and start believing it!!

have a great Tuesday everyone...

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Anonymous said...

Michelle and Terry: I am praying every day that God will soon send you that beautiful little blessing...I believe has been planned for you. Love Mom.