Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So the day I have dreaded for years has finally arrived....I had to buy my first pair of GRANDMA SHOES........oh man I just can't believe it!

I can still remember the day many years ago shopping with my Grandma Moore for shoes...looking at her with utter disgust when she told me those were the shoes she was actually going to purchase....WHAT I said in my not so tactful voice "those are really ugly Grandma they are totally Grandma shoes"!!! She still laughs about that every time I see her, yes Michelle someday you will wear Grandma Shoes too!!

Well I guess that is what you get after 16 years of wearing "fashionable" shoes to work and standing on your feet for 12 hours a day....I can't believe this day has come so soon. I was sure I had a few more years left in me to wear those gorgeous Nine West Heels and Aldo Wedges...come on...don't let me down already!

Now I have to tell you this year has been a difficult one for my lower half, many of you already know that I CAN NOT stand my legs I think they are the ugliest things I have ever laid eyes on...even after hours of squats and lunges these babies just never look any better...so you can imagine my horror one day last summer when I was doing a butt check in a new skirt and I discovered my first VARICOSE VEIN...what???? Now why, why would you ever give the girl with the already ugly legs Varicose Veins....who knows but now I have to get those things dealt with this Jan...that should be fun.....
A few months later I was looking in the mirror while cutting some one's hair and noticed...hmmm my foot just doesn't look right in this pair of shoes...it looks like it is on a lean or something..so I check another pair at home, nope same thing...well people that little lean is called a FALLEN ARCH...yep great just great...so I think alright this is it I have to stop wearing 19 dollar shoes from Joe Fresh and get a real pair of shoes....(for work at least!!!!!)
So I grabbed a pair of "Clark's Structure" there new "fashionable" line is what the lady told me and I thought I would be off to the races....quite honestly I wasn't that thrilled with these shoes..to me they looked so ugly but I wore them anyways for the sake of my feet, my job and my clients....hahaha

Well apparently this was not enough........for today I woke up to the WORST pain in my right foot....Terry thought maybe I had turf toe(some sort of football injury) nope I don't think so...a client suggested maybe the gout...what???? It isn't red or swollen so it isn't that either...(thank goodness is that not something men that eat too much red meat and drink too much beer get)???? Ladies and Gents...I have finally given my feet more than they can handle and have pulled the muscles in the top of my foot......boo this sucks and it serves me right...here it is the busiest month of my year and I have a sore foot?????
So off to Weurth's I go this morning, I was, I'm sure the biggest sale of the day possibly the week....and I bought my first pair of official Grandma Shoes and a new pair of cross trainers for cardio(the runners are great by the way).......YUCK these Nato black clogs are hideous... and the sweet women tried to make me think they were fashionable she said "Michelle it could be worse...what would you think about getting a pair black runners for work...they would match your dress code"??????

So there you have it folks....please DO NOT look down..my feet are no longer stylish...no longer dressed in the hottest colors of the season...but man are they comfortable!!!


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Anonymous said...

I know you don't think it is that funny...but thanks for getting my morning off to a good giggle. Love, Mom.