Friday, December 19, 2008

I beat it!!

I feel like I have already been up for hours and it is only 9am....I woke up this morning at about 4:45 and peeked out the blinds to see if this storm that was supposed to brew all night actually materialized...well I let out a huge sigh of relief and felt a bit of disgust for the people that kept talking about this HUGE storm that was coming yesterday...making me feel like I should stay in Exeter overnight..etc...will somewhere in the midst of all of those thoughts...I decided to go and check the radar........

WOW I was blown away at the mass of the storm I was seeing that was at that point just about to hit Sarnia....ahhh I need to get to work was my only concern at that point. I wasn't sure how fast this thing was I thought well I will just start my whole morning routine I headed down to the basement and exercised, came up 45 mins later and checked it it was just hitting the south London border...yikes I better hurry I jumped in the shower and got ready in record time..I was out of the house by 6:15 heading to work...

At about Lucan I had a thought, What am I doing..."normal" people would have just gone back to bed and had a nice little cozy snow day....hmmmm

Well I made it to Exeter and had a nice chat with my Dad and brother...discussing the storm..we introduced my Dad to a "new" website...the he was amazed "well this looks like a pretty big one, oh it doesn't look like it will last long though".....I then heard him say to my Mom on the phone who must have asked whats it like there...."oh well there is a bit of snow in the air".....hello you could hardly even see out the window....haha....always thinking positive..

So after spending the morning with my Dad it was confirmed in my mind, this is why I get up early and make it to work as opposed to staying in bed and having a snow day...because that is just what you do...that is what he has taught us to do....

As expected on of my stylist is not coming to work it is just NUTS in here...people who are stuck in town want there hair done people that have appts and live outside of town are cancelling but still want to get in before I think I made the right decision...even though a cozy snow day would be nice sometimes....I feel really good that I BEAT the storm....:)

stay safe everyone...and don't drive!!!! lol

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