Sunday, December 7, 2008

this is going to be a long "season"....

So I am a bit disappointed this morning....this damn weather is driving me totally crazy already. I really hate it when the weather interrupts my plans....whether it is my plan on getting to work everyday or a social event it just sucks...:)

I can't believe it is only Dec 8th and we have already had a TON of bad weather...I have already had a sleepover at my brothers because of the weather...this is nuts, I have only had 2 all together in the past 2 years...this is not good...Jon I hope you still have my bed

Today we had a great day planned with my family to celebrate my Mom and Dad's B-day's.....well unfortunately roads are closed and it just isn't safe for anyone to be out..when they really don't need to be....all of us have to drive in this shit everyday so why would we chance it on the weekends...(:

So we will reschedule for Jan...and I guess I will get ready for another "football sunday"...I've got my picks in and ready to I know some of you are reading this and finding it hard to believe but it is true...I have become very versed in my football knowledge since I have met my husband...and I kid you not I am ROCKIN the facebook pro football picks!!! :)

happy sunday everyone!

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