Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OUR favorite treat...black licorice cigars...we sure look like naturals here???? :)

So today is my Dad's birthday....and their won't be any pity party for him just because he is another year older...he has the best attitude about getting older. Just a heads up if you are in his company and decide to get melodramatic about how old you are turning...well my Dad will very quickly put you in your place by saying...."Well what is your alternative? You can either get one year older or not be here at all"...he just tells it like it is, not many have much to say after that comment...:)

I know this is going to sound a bit repetitive, because it was my Mom's birthday a couple of weeks ago.....but yep you guessed it....I too have the GREATEST Dad in the whole wide world...you just couldn't get any better than him....

This guy would help anyone out in a pinch...there are times that I hear about some of the things he has done for people over the years and it just baffles my mind....it is crazy really. I can see why he continues to have staff that have been with him for 25+ years...he is just a very understanding guy.

We all have been so lucky to have a father that does everything for his family. If I ever need anything he is there...always there with a helping hand...or just a listening ear. Whatever we need at the time...he just does it, no matter how busy he is or stressed out with his business...we come first!

My Dad and I have always been super close, a lot of people tell me that I am much like my father..the way I think in a business sense and just how we go about things. Now I guess some people might have there own thoughts on this, but as far I am concerned I take it as a HUGE compliment..I love it when people say "oh that sounds like something your Dad would say" or "your drive reminds me of your fathers". For me, there couldn't be a better role model!

Dad has taught me how to be a hard worker, to take risks...he has always said to us, if you have a dream or an idea... figure it out.... figure out how you can make it happen. He is always there to guide us...not do it for us(haha nope that would be too easy, it would be nice but too easy) he leads us in the right direction and helps us figure things out so we can accomplish our dreams...

I know that my business and my life in general would not be where it was without my parents support....I know I don't tell him enough, how much everything he has done for me means to me....I know that I have done my fair share of driving him crazy....van roofs collapsing...white lies about being in London when I am supposed to be babysitting my little brother...expensive events that included literally a ton of cream coloured roses, dresses and linens......but honestly Dad, I hope I haven't caused you TOO much trouble..:)

Dad, I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate everything you do!

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Anonymous said...

This will be the best birthday wish you could ever give...when Dad reads this blog. I will show it to him as soon as he gets home. Have a good day. Love, Mom.