Sunday, December 21, 2008

the "non festive" gift...

Today I was surprised by the most thoughtful package!

In the middle of my very busy Sat at work, I noticed Megan head to the back room with a very pink gift bag.....hmmm I thought, I wonder what that is all about?? So the curiosity was killing me, I quickly finished up my color and hightailed it back there to find out who this mystery bag was from.

Well I was totally overcome with closest girlfriend had done this. A "care package" if you will for Terry and I just to help cheer us up. She wrote the most thoughtful card, with such caring supportive words in it. Letting us know that she and her husband are here for us if we ever need anything but most of all that they understand. We have all had a few very difficult years, but we will pull through..:)

This was such a nice, caring thing to do. My girlfriend actually walked into the shop a few minutes after I read the card. At that moment I had just put the card away, seeing that my eyes were filling up just reading it..there was no way I was digging into the pink tissue filled wonderland that sat before me..I did need to continue my work day with some sense of composure!!! I said to her....thankyou..that was so nice and thoughtful....."what" she said "you have already read it...ahhhhh you were supposed to wait until you got home" come on girl you know me better than that.......there can not be a package in my vicinity and me not know who it is

I am truly, so blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am everyday....I am overwhelmed sometimes by people's kindness and the support that I have in my life. The words that my friend wrote to us...I will look back at many times I am sure.....and they will bring much comfort to me, when I am having "one of those days"!!! :)

I don't know how often you tune into this blog Jill, but you are such a great friend....we have been through.. oh man so much together....from the most trivial to the most heart wrenching moments...but one thing I know for sure is, I can always count on your support and friendship....

Today's "non festive" gift as you called it, will be the best of the season for me....this to me is what Christmas is about this year........the thoughtful gestures, the celebration of all the wonderful people in my life...not how many or how big a present one receives...I believe that it was time I learned this be thankful and to celebrate the people you love!!

Again are the best...oh and the bag of candy was a real nice surprise you sure do know what will cheer me up!!! lol

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