Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday is here again!

Wow I just can't believe how fast Monday comes each week!Not to mention that it is Dec where does the time go.

Our weekend was great, went out for dinner on Sat. night for Terry's birthday, went shopping with a friend yesterday, had a nice dinner at home and yes I think we need a drumroll here.....I did put up a few and I mean a few Christmas Decorations!!! lol It actually feels good to have a few around. If anything it cheers the place up a bit!!

Our calender is really filling up for this month...last week at this time I don't think we had anything going on and now all our weekends are booked until the big day. Lots of dinners with friends and family which will be so much fun. I always think it is so funny that everyone wants to squeeze everything in before Christmas and then we all sit and watch the snowfall in Jan and Feb!!
I am pleasantly surprised that I am not dissapointed that we are not having our annual Christmas party...I have been having this party for years..I think probably since I was 23 or 4... and usually it is the highlight of the season for me. This year I just don't feel up to it, I am looking so much more forward to having more intimate personal dinners and visit's with people...hmmm is this a sign of getting OLD?????????? lol

Not much going on for me today....I have a very few Christmas gifts to get so I might try to get some of that done and I have just started a Christmas Scrapping Project that I am right in the middle of and having a hard time leaving my table downstairs...but alas I must get my work done before I continue!!!

I will post pics later today hopefully!

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