Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 years dream is complete!!

I have been styling lovely ladies locks for almost 18 years now....WOW!! 10 years ago I fullfilled my first dream of opening my lovely Aveda vision was always to utilize the whole entire space that I have invested in and open a day spa on the second floor!! Well today is the day that dream is finally coming true!! After tons of hard work...amazing support from my husband, family and fabulous staff and of course not to mention my little 15month old rascal...who is surely more of a rascal right now because Mommy has been so preoccupied....however none the less today, my day spa opens!! SO SO excited!!Here is hoping all the toes and hands and brows from my itty bitty town come down and get pampered!!

Happy Day Everyone!

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BP said...

Congratulations!! you deserve it!