Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finding Balance

The million dollar question, where do you find balance? Just that perfect mixture....the recipe for happiness for yourself and your family??

Yes this is something that in your childhood, teen years, 20's and for me most of my 30's, you don't even think about...or at least I didn't. Maybe it comes when you have children...or maybe it just comes with age and maturity. Lately I have found myself wondering how do I get that recipe for success...the perfect blend of work, family, friends, health and happiness for myself and my family?

I will admit I am a "go'er"....actually just this morning T and I were sitting chatting and I mentioned something like "you know that table downstairs, how do you think it would look upstairs"....he just looked at me and said...M come on the spa doors haven't even been open for 24hrs yet and you are already looking for your next project...can't we just let things ride for awhile??? Now I know his response really had nothing to do with the table in question(however we do have differing opinions on if it would look nice there or not), it was more about me...and how I just can't sit still....I always have to be on to the next thing.

So today I have been reflecting on this conversation and life, my goals...I think I really need to start focusing on finding balance in my life. I think the scales are tipped a bit too far in certain directions and things need to be leveled out.

Work definitely has a bit too much weight and my little family of 3 not enough...I know this and I am strong enough to admit it! Work for almost 17 years has been my life...and it has taken, well 15months to realize it is not the be all and end all....yes I work hard for my family...everything I do there right now is in hopes that in a few years it will enable us to have tons of adventures as a family with no worries at all. However I know that I can't got lost in the future...I have to remember how important the present is...I am trying!

I also struggle with the balance of my social life and things I do for relationships with girlfriends have changed drastically over the job is so social I am so exhausted at the end of the week that I find it to be a lot of work to "socialize" outside of work...however I find more and more that I miss and need the interaction of girlfriends...real girlfriends that truly get what is going on in these over exerted hormonal bodies all women in their mid thirties have!

There is also the absolute need (for myself anyways) for physical activity! I can honestly say that if I go a few days without it...things are not good...I know that my whole psychi is off if I miss my workouts...I think this is mental for me...but I know that it is an absolute must!

Finally there is family time but then there is the most important time and that is the time spent nurturing and feeding my relationship with T...and as with lots of things in life the thing that should be the most important gets pushed to the back burner...boy have I seen this happen now that we have a toddler in the is crazy...I heard people talk about it but never truly understood...we seriously hardly have 5 seconds a day to talk...and when we do it is just about the "stuff"...the day to day...did you call the exterminator for the cottage, did you call the daycare...that kind of crap...not the important stuff!!

So here I am on a Sunday afternoon, happy, healthy and probably over thinking a bit...but truly wondering and brainstorming ways that I can find the Balance...that perfect blend...!

I think I will start with a big glass of red wine...blended to perfection!!!

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