Monday, September 10, 2012

Lost and letters!

A few weeks ago while I was getting my salon ready for its expansion into a full service salon and day spa, I was going through tons of junk very important papers that had been left laying around for, well let's just say WAY WAY to long!!! As I was rooting through all of this stuff I came across a big stack of papers that looked like emails that had been printed off. At the time I just threw them aside, thinking they are probably just some old Aveda information and I wanted to keep at the task at all busy Momma's know you have to make use of every millisecond that you can I kept trucking...sorting and pitching, it actually became very therapeutic after awhile.

After what seemed like hours of this same tedious job...I took a break and put my feet up. As I sat, that pile of white papers caught my I took a look...and to my surprise it wasn't just old insurance papers or long forgotten protocols for Aveda Products. It was actually all the emails that "T" had written to me when he was in Vietnam about 7 years ago. What a great find...and just what I needed that day! Honestly it could not have come a better time. Crazy how that happens, things just get plopped right in your lap sometimes with perfect timing!!

You see "T" went to Vietnam when we had only been dating for less than a year...we were still "young and in love" as the story goes...and these emails reminded me of a simpler time, when we only had ourselves and our fresh, perfect relationship to think about. As we all know, life can get busy and hectic and crazy especially when you add kids in the mix(and I know that has only just started for us, that is just going to get crazier and busier)...but sometimes you forget, you forget the really important but simple things about your life.

That stack of paper that almost got pitched, was like finding a treasure...the perfect reminder of all the things I am so so grateful for!

I hope everyone gets a wonderful surprise reminder of the wonderful things in their life sometime soon!


Britt @ Taking Orders from a Cookie said...

"behave... and remember to be a day-maker" :)

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Aww, that is the happiest/feel good post I've read in a long time. Thank you for sharing and brightening the day!! xo~m

P.S. Thanks for your comment over on my blog ~ Yay for Donna Hay! Yes?! :D

Mommy Bags said...

That is an awesome find it takes something like this too make you think and make any day brighter. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.