Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quirky Question Tuesday!!

When you are a hairstylist or anyone that chats continuously day in and day out with different people, the material that you are given on a daily basis that you could blog about is endless!!! Seriously, the things people say to me is just out of this world sometimes. I could never fully give each ridiculous comment it's due time on this blog and furthermore some of the sarcastic remarks I have in rebuttal should probably be kept to myself!

However some are just too good to keep to myself, they must be shared with the world(haha, or the few people that might be reading my posts!), because man they are that good! So I thought I might do a weekly post on the quirky, crazy downright nutty questions or comments I get....I will post my fav each week. Now I have NO idea who reads this blog......sooooooo with that being said, if you are a client, a friend, an enemy(hmmmm hope I quote you someday), or maybe a coworker, a family member or I have no idea who you are you just struck me as funny....well sorry guys try not to take offense, because this is just a little step inside my world...I say be proud...you my lovely take the prize, the favorite of the week! Whatever you did or said was a keeper...you kept me giggling or thinking or crying for days...you my friend actually took up some headspace, and quite honestly because I talk to so many people I can barely remember who I worked on at the end of a day let alone what they said to me!! So "good on ya" as my uncle would say in his really disturbing Australian accent....you are the reason I have something to write about today!!

So as I am sitting here trying to think of the best from last week (a heaping handful are coming to my mind)...I must stress some of these questions will be funny, some will be serious and some will be downright mouth dropping ridiculous!! To start us off though I think I will try to keep this light!

So this weeks question and let me give you some background here...this particular someone has just looked at my most recent pics of D that sit on my station at the salon...she has admired them "ohhhh what a dolly, she is so precious...and getting so big" you know the drill...and then it comes, the craziest thing I have heard yet in reference to little D!

"M, Little Miss D's hair used to be so dark...I can't believe that you are coloring it so young"

WHAT???? I seriously thought I would look up from my perfectly angled, angled bob to see a twinkle in her eye...you know when you can see the laughter, the haha good joke hey!!...Nope nada nothing, completely blank, questioning look....waiting for my response?!?!?

Come on people...I realize I have access to literally every colour in the rainbow, but do you really think I would colour my 15month olds lid..maybe some stylists do, but not this momma....I barely have time to get my own hair coloured, as I painstakingly yank yet again a crop of nasty grey's as we speak!

So I looked at her, choked on my most sarcastic response(remember at this point she is still a paying customer....I'm repeatedly chanting the customers always right the customers always right) so I said "oh no no I don't colour D's hair...it is the sun...the sun and just the normal process for a baby...lots are born with dark dark hair and are white blonde by the time they are 1. "Really", she said "I have never heard of that". End of conversation!

....and you have 3 grown children....

I don't know but that question really struck me as funny, odd, and a bit worrisome...lol So just in case anyone is wondering no I haven't hi lighted, streaked, ombred, or even glossed D's hair as of yet!! Keep a close eye though, you just never know!



Britt @ Taking Orders from a Cookie said...

I thought you were too... but I wasn't going to say anything. Now that it's out though.. haha kidding!

That is too funny!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My boys' hair gets lighter in the summer too. Crazy she thought you colored it!

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

so glad you found me. now following you.

Stephanie said...

Bwhaha Oh my goodness! I can only imagine the fabulous things you hear on a daily basis, but this one is truly worthy of a good giggle.
Glad to be hear reading your blog ...it makes me smile:)

StylinMom said...

Britt- haha

Lisa- I know so unreal!!

Adriana- thanks so much for stopping by

Steph- some stuff is just to good to keep to myself!! Hehe so glad you are here 2 do