Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bossy Pants

I am a boss!!

It is by far the absolute toughest job that I takes the cake over Mom, Hairstylist, Wife, Home Maker, Chef, Decorator, Personal Shopper...domestic goodness...everything...being a boss to 10 very energetic, artistic and very different women keeps me on my toes every single day!!

I have to be honest, it is the job I least like as well. I hate being the "boss"...or "she" as I am sometimes referred know it... you know what I am saying, especially if you have a boss or have ever had a boss(which if you haven't, all I can say is WOW how did you manage that)  know what is said....sometimes things like "well she said it was OK" or "He doesn't like it done like that"...hey I know, bosses even though you may like them you don't REALLY like is an unwritten rule somewhere, be scared of the boss...they are the enemy! Which just totally BLOWS when you happen to be the boss!!! I hate it, I want to be every one's friend...however I am smart enough and have been doing this gig for long enough that I know, friends we can not be!! It just doesn't work!!

In the past 16 months I have been kind of the absentee boss....I have only been working 3 days a week and am home the rest of the time with little D! Which I love and wouldn't change for a second....and I would bet millions of dollars that my team loves this little away time as well!!! Can you imagine, your boss goes from being in your face literally 24/7 to hardly at all, because when she is there she is SO swamped she doesn't even have time to keep her own head on straight!! Yep you guessed it, they have been having a PAAARTY for the past 16 months!! Not that they haven't done a super job at keeping up with clients and all the day to day tasks, actually they have done more than that, they have been amazing and supportive of me and my decision to stay home for these precious days with D...I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls...however over time rules start disappearing, things start becoming more and more relaxed until we get to a point like this Saturday when "she" finally has had ENOUGH!!

Yep it started building a few months ago....and it has just been topping out at the boiling point for the past 2 weeks....nothing major just little things not getting done, people coming and going as they please, tiny little things that inevitably become big HUGE things if left alone. I will admit it, I am the queen of letting things go....I HATE CONFRONTATION...can I say that again I HATE CONFRONTATION....I would rather put up with tons of shit, get shit on, take shit out...before I confront is one of my worst qualities.

So what did I do....I wrote a message to everyone....I know shameful....I am just so bad at talking about the hard stuff face to face...I don't want to hurt any ones feelings, I don't want anyone to hate me, it is so ridiculous!! I like to tell myself it is because we can never find a time to get everyone together due to schedules etc...but yeah right, bosses call staff meetings all the time....command performances as my last boss called them....(who by the way was the most frightening man on the planet, one of the reasons I try so hard to be the "nice boss")!
So I sent out this message with as much encouraging stuff in it as there was expectations on performance etc. I guess we will see what happens now....will there be a change! I guess time will tell!!

ugggghhhh seriously if someone could find me a backbone please send it this not so bossy boss really needs it!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Brittany said...

hahaha I try avoiding confrontation also! Once I start it is alittle easier but it is the getting to that point that is hardest for me.

Blond Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I hate being in charge of people!

Blond Duck said...

I hope you had a good Monday!

Rebecca Rider said...

I'm the same way!! Being in charge is really tough - it's much easier to be people's friend! But being a leader always works out better! Good luck!!