Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm a HOOPIN!!!

OMG...I have found a new love!! Yes I know this happens a lot!! No it's not a craft, no it's not a man...not a new lipstick colour that I can't live's a home made Hula Hoop I made myself this week!!

Have you guys tried this new craze hitting gyms, school rec halls and SAHM's basements all over the country....this hoop dancing totally ROCKS!!

Ok so I am no I only have 2 nights under my belt...and a few gashes in our cieling and an almost broken lamp...(yes T has since moved all valuable objects that were getting in the line of my beloved purple hoop!!)

At the beginning of the week a FB friend posted a video of herself hoop dancing and she was brilliant...amazing...she has been doing it for about 4 months and I wanna be just like her!!! hmmpf!!!
So I googled and I YouTubrd until I figured this out...sent T on a mission to Lowe's to get me some supplies, we constructed and then I was on my way! Easy Peasy and so so much fun!! I have been hanging out with a big piece of irrigation tubing made into a hoop and wrapped in bright purple duck tape...."You Tubing" every tutorial in sight, sweating like crazy and loving every minute of it!!

You have to try this or at least YouTube it!!! :)

Happy Hooping Everyone!!

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