Monday, September 3, 2012

The tat!

Well hello there! Yes it has been awhile and so much has happened....and pretty much all of it good! Which if you happen to have read this blog in the past will agree that is nothing short of a miracle!

Now I can't possibly get you up to speed in one post...but I am thinking that I might just get into this thing called "bloggin" again! So I promise to back track every once in awhile to give you the highlights!

For today though, I have to tell you about my Dad!

If you have read this blog before then you are aware that my Dad was diagnosed last year with stage 4 lung cancer. Yeah rotten luck hey!!!! So to say the least there have been some really rough patches in the past few years.... However my dad underwent an extremely risking surgery last November, we almost lost him due to various infections and complications but somehow after 100days in the hospital he came home less a lung, less a chunk of his diaphragm and some other various not as important body parts! Here we are 6 months later and the guy was lying on a massage bed face down getting a tattoo on his rear end that says f**k you cancer!

Yes it was a bucket list event....another one ticked off for him! Not a huge tat fan myself...but really this particular occasion I can't help but smile!

My dads spirit is infectious, he feels so truly blessed and lucky to be here, he has been through more pain, torture awful stuff in the past takes my breath away sometimes, how fortunate we are to still have him here with us! A true survivor in my books!

No we don't know what will happen in the future...but for right now we are enjoying every bonus moment we have been given!!

So I'm with you Dad.... F**K you CANCER!!!

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Britt said...

Smack dab right on his ass! Funniest/best thing I've got to watch in a long while. Way to go Uncle Dave!