Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Terry Fox!

One year ago today, my Mom and I were walking the trail doing our first ever Terry Fox fundraising event. I would be lying if I said it wasn't with heavy hearts that we walked.

It was a very emotional time, my Dad had just finished his 5th round of nasty chemo and had made the decision that he would not take anymore....we were all still waiting on word if he was eligible for a crazy radical surgery to remove his left lung, the linings of his lung and heart and part of his diaphragm. Did we want him to have this surgery or didn't was so risky, chance of survival was questionable and with only a 15% chance of getting all the cancer....we were walking in a cloud...just not sure of what to think or feel.
I remember my Mom turning to me and saying "well I wonder if your Dad will be able to walk this with us next year"? I have to be honest my heart sank...and tears started to well up in my eyes....I didn't want to put a damper on her momentary high spirits...however I wasn't feeling quite as optimistic. I'm sure I made some sort of remark...positive I hope, but inside I was not feeling that hopeful.

Fast forward one year and boy I am glad I was So So wrong!!!! Today was team DMF's second Terry Fox Run. Not only was our team bigger and better....not only did we raise yet again an incredible amount of money...not only did we get snapped up to be in our local paper...yes the local paparazzi was there....not only did little D look absolutely adorable in her own tinsy Team DMF shirt....not only did we go out for a big ole family lunch after....not only was there absolutely NO family drama(and folks that's big with this group) not only all of those things....but the best the absolute best was that my Dad, Team DMF's own personal Terry Fox walked...OH yes he did!!! Incredible! One lung later...100 days in ICU later...after infections, stage 4 lung cancer aggressive diagnosis later....


As I have said before....we don't know what the future holds...but man are we taking every advantage of these days....the bonus days....the small miracles, like being able to take that walk with us!!!
Dad you are our Terry Fox!


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Tarabelle said...

Thank you for checking out my blog! I hopped right over here to check yours out and WOW what an inspiration! Your Dad is FANTASTIC! What a great story. I'm following you now :)I hope your entire family continues to beat the odds!