Sunday, September 16, 2012

The CrazY Tantrums!

This week was one of those weeks your mother never warned you about.

Parenting 101...well she forgot this little chapter...yeah she mentioned it, but I was not aware that it would happen at the very young age of 15 months!

Have you guessed what it is, I know if you have kids 1 and older you have experienced it as well. Yes the week of the TANTRUM!!!

Holy moly, move over terrible twos cause we have an over achiever here and she would like to start this phase last Wed or so!!

It all started with this really evil look she started giving when you are doing or asking her to do something that she is really not that fancy on. WOW is all I can say...this girls looks could kill!!
Then she decided that the look wasn't really getting her anywhere...except people making comments like "oh boy wait until she is a teenage, she is going to give you a run for your money" and they were saying these things to totally back-firing for little miss D, she was thinking what the heck is wrong with you people this look is to get you to pay attention to me not my mother...clearly this wasn't working for her. 
So she decided to get her body involved in the action....and this folks is something that you just have to see...or maybe you do right in your own living room....the act of forming your body into a human pretzel...she folds her body in half at her torso...feet planted firmly on the ground while the top of her head hits the is amazing and through all that her hands are flailing, feet start stomping and she is screaming at the top of her lungs! IMPRESSIVE!! This is were things get difficult for is so entertaining and downright hysterical!! How do you not laugh, but at the same time I am so frustrated with her as well that I really feel like stomping my feet around the house...and truth be told I sometimes do!!! lol

I know you are thinking wow 15 months this is a bit early...and you haven't even heard the worst of it yet!!!
I made a very big parenting mistake on Friday....I should have consulted with the Mommy Club because this was a doosey....I took D to TOY r US.....I know I should be punished, where was my head....please forgive me for my ignorance!!
Don't worry though I paid for it, for my stupidity...she was terrible as you can imagine and who could blame her she was in rainbow coloured, sesame street, mega blocks heaven. Can we say OVER-STIMULATION????

Thank goodness my Mom was with me and Grandmas kind of have that calming affect on everyone don't they..."don't worry dear, she is fine...I'll push the cart you just go get what you need" I cross the store all I hear is my childs screeching voice at the top of her lungs...I guess I should feel lucky that she can't really say anything that makes sense right now so what she was really saying no one could understand....because I am positive it would have sounded something like this..."I want that and that and that and if you don't buy it for me I'm going to make the rest of your day a living hell"....and sure enough that is what she did!!

Whew this parenting gig is tough....and I know, I know the Mommy Group made it very has only just begun!!!!
Happy Sunday Everyone!

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B In Real LIfe said...

oh Q hit the tantrum stage around 15 or 16 months. It was shocking! She was a pretty easygoing baby until then. Now that we know that she is super sensitive to food dyes it makes sense why she suddenly turned so dramafied...15 months is when I started feeding her "big kid" food like yogurt.

She's still a hot headed little love bug at 3, but her temper is much more manageable now.

Hang in there with the tantrums. You will be fine...just take a deep breath! :)