Friday, September 7, 2012


I had a client in, a client that I love! She has been trusting me with her lovely crimson locks for almost 20 years!! WOW that is dedication, loyalty and a bit crazy!!!

Over the years I have obviously got to know her very well. She is a bubbly, carefree, smart woman...I have always admired her and trusted her opinion and expertise on different issues. However today and if I am being honest the past couple years really, I have noticed a interesting change and last week it got me doing a bit of reflecting on a topic that has come up a few times in my life lately!! it good, is it bad, does it matter...and why does it get so many people's tail in a knot!! Now let me explain...the changes that I am seeing in this client are changes that I have noticed since she started dating and married her one true love a few years ago. Now the changes in this woman in my opinion are not good, not is just that she has changed....she seems less tolerant...but more driven...her whole circle of friends have changed, and because I am from a itty bitty town I know that some of her girlfriends are very sad about that...but that is just the way it all turned out...they have different interests now and as couples she doesn't find that they have much in common...this is not a new thing...this happens all the time...I know this, but lately I have been asked this question in so many different ways...shes changed since she met him...she is different...etc etc...and my question is....well isn't that OK...if someone is happy that should be OK? Right?

I feel that, of course once you start spending time with a new person, and truly care for them you will start looking at life with a fresh pair of may be presented with thoughts and opinions that had never occurred to you before. I remember this happening when I met whole life I just thought that if my Dad said that it was OK then that was GOOD whatever he did I was T one day that said...ummmm Hello M this isn't how the whole world thinks you know.....WHAT!??!?! REALLY!?!??! I this has happened many times since we have been together...sometimes I agree with hubby but and sometimes I am still that sucky Daddy's girl that believes that he is always right....I would say yes if I think back to when T and I met, I have changed. For the better I think....for the better in other peoples opinion?? I hope...but really does it shouldn't I know...but I guess there is a little part of all of us that wants to make sure our family and friends support our choices.

So what is this ramble all about anyways...honestly I'm not sure...this client struck a cord with me last week...something she said just sounded so much like something her husband would say...I strongly disagreed with what she was saying...(not out loud mind you, hairstylists rule...keep your opinions to yourself especially if they are not the same as the paying lady in your chair lol ) but it made me think WOW in a course of 2-3 years this woman has totally changed her views on things...amazing how time spent with a person can do it good, is it bad...who knows, who cares...she is happy and that is all that matters!!

So I guess I am just thinking,  if you are truly happy and feel change happening...embrace it, do what YOUR heart is telling you to do...Enjoy your life...but always be you...that might mean a bit of the new and a bit of the old...Change I guess you just never know when it will happen...enjoy the ride folks!


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