Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Fresh Start...extreme, Chalene Extreme that is!

The nightmare began when little "D" turned 9 months old, not sure why that was such a pivotal moment but it was the day that I stepped on the scale for the first time since she had come home. Well I think I must have been the only woman ever to have a 9 month old at home and actually weigh more then when she was born...seriously think about it...most that have their children naturally would by default lost weight without even trying....but this ass had about 10 extra pounds on it...and summer was coming FAST!!! So it was right then and there that I decided it was time to get into action! The 10 came off pretty quickly, with exercise and a better diet, i.e BORING diet...but I was in the groove!

All summer I have been very dedicated to my workouts that took that 10 pounds of unsightly fat off!! Yes I hauled my buns out of bed at 5am on the mornings that I was working and on the days that I was with little "D" I made good use of every napping moment! The program I was doing all summer long was Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire. I was surprisingly, extremely happy with my results. If the fact that I did wear a bather in front of people this summer is any indication, then I would say the program was a pretty decent success!! lol....because these legs have not seen the light of day for many many years! Now lets be honest here,it wasn't a miracle was hard hard work and I still have cellulite coming out my ying yang but it was a success in it's own right.

Well then summer happened....long weekends at the cottage, at my Dads infamous outdoor bar where tons of chips and wine are consumed. Don't get me wrong, fun is had by all...but these thighs are starting to scream PLEASE don't do this to me again...I can't stand rubbing into my partner here....OK OK I get the point. It's September, a fresh start...and I think time for a fresh program. I love Turbo Fire so much but I am thinking it is time to add something else into the mix...and sadly that is not chocolate covered almonds...I think it is time for a bit more strength training, combined with the insane cardio that Turbo Fire is. So in an attempt to not spend another 200 bones on yet another program...I hauled out my Chalene Extreme from last year....did a bit of googling and found a perfect little hybrid program combining the 2. Perfect!!

So here goes Week 1!....Oh you thought this is where I was going to do some before and will have to just read about the lolTurboFire

Wish me Luck and tell me, anyone doing a program that they just love right now?

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