Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bright Lights....Big........legs?!?!?!?

Wow I can't believe it, I had my first vein injection today. Boy I was totally sweating this visit, but it was a cinch....wow so easy. My appt was for 3:10 and I was driving away at 3:47. Honestly the worst part of the whole thing was getting these damn compression stockings on....now that is where the story is.....lol

Okay so here I am lying on the bed with my legs wide out there for the whole world to see....yes I am very uncomfortable at this point, I am so sorry Dr Tripp(who was absolutely amazing by the way) that you had to endure the sight of my legs under those bright lights for 26 mins...truly I apologize, because honestly just 4 seconds in the mirror is enough for me..and never would I subject myself to looking at them for any length of time with bright lights shining down on them....lol

Anyways back to the stockings...so all of sudden a nurse comes in to "teach" me how to put the stockings on..........what???? a lesson..."first off you need RUBBER GLOVES"....okay this is going to be fun every morning for the next 2 weeks...so I got all my instructions and thought okay you all can leave now...I will put them on...........NOPE they help you your first time....oh great now I have to get off the bed and stand up in these bright lights with my legs out for the whole world to see(and as Terry's Grandma Kay once told me, "your legs always look best when you are lying down")...perfect....so that is what happened the nurse and the DR showed my literally how to put my new stockings on....needless to say I really got to know these 2 women well in a very short time!!!
I just can't believe how many growing experiences I am having lately....now I can add this to the list...bringing the legs out in public...I don't think these things have seen any type of bright lights since I left my mothers womb....:) haha
(I know, I know, everyone is thinking stop exaggerating Michelle your legs can't be that bad...well I really think they are, and don't worry yourselves too much about it because you will never see them to judge...lol)

All and all I really can't believe how easy the whole process was....I will now go back in a month and they will look at how everything worked, probably do one more small injection and that should be good......until the next one appears...which considering my Mom's history, and my job, probably isn't too far behind!!! :)

Hope everyone has had a fabulous Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Do you think I will ever see them??


Anonymous said...

Very insightful, Michelle. Made me think we need a mother-daughter day out soon. Love, Mom.
p.s I love "T's" comment!!!