Friday, January 30, 2009

# four......and thoughts on "my world".....

my pic for today is of the fabulous Rita...she just makes me laugh!! :)


Sometimes it still amazes me how many people share their most private, intimate thoughts with me! On any given day I hear the good the bad and the life seems very, very boring in comparison to some of the stories I hear in a day....

I know that everyone thinks that the "local beauty shop" is the place to get all the town gossip...."no better place than the local beauty shop for some good ole gossip right???"...believe me I have heard that many times!
A really great moment for me happens when someone comes into the salon with a story about themselves and they just assume that I will have "already heard," and I can honestly say...."nope, no I haven't heard a thing"!
The first thing I tell anyone that works with me is, if I EVER hear you gossiping or taking part in gossiping in this salon you will be immediately terminated...basically you can do a ton of things to me but I have NO tolerance for gossip. Too many people including myself have been hurt by I will not take part, if at all possible. Now don't get me wrong here, I am not sitting here saying that I have not ever been involved with any gossip...absolutely.... WHO hasn't???? But as far as my salon is concerned I will not tolerate it....

So because of my thoughts on that whole gossip situation...(something that I have been fairly vocal about in my 16 years in the business) I do feel that my clients are fairly comfortable telling me there most private thoughts. It would be an understatement if I said I had enough data to write a few best sellers..........ahh the Hairstylist Memoirs...the good the bad and the ugly....

I feel really privileged most nights on my drive home when I compartmentalize my day... it always amazes me the stories I have heard over the course of a day.......some stories are so sad, that I tear up just thinking about the pain my client and friend is going through...or the hopeful, the happy, the is amazing the things I hear in a day! I feel a real connection with the majority of my clientele...and I feel so grateful that they feel comfortable enough to share there life stories with me!

Today, I had one of those days...most of the stories I heard have been the tough ones...the sad, the tumultuous...the pain that some people have to experience just doesn't seem fair....every story touches my heart.
I'm actually having a hard time tonight putting the stories "away"....I have always prided myself in the fact that someone can tell me something and I listen and carry it with me there entire visit, but as soon as they leave I file it away, so I am ready for the next person..... 6 weeks later when this person returns it immediately comes back to me and I am able to ask them about the particular situation...but for my mental health I have to tuck it away so I can concentrate on the next thing...some things people tell me are so intense that I wouldn't be able to function if I kept it at the forefront of my mind.......It would just be too much!!!
It is unusual for me to still be thinking about the stories....I guess what it comes down to is very clear that everyone is dealing with their own stuff....even the people that we see as having the most "awesome, privileged" lives, have troubles....tonight I am feeling very blessed to have my family healthy and close, to have the most supportive husband, the best friends....yes there are some things going on in my life right now that I could certainly do without....but really NO one knows what hand they will be dealt...and really if this is mine..........I have NOTHING to complain about!!!


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