Thursday, January 15, 2009

So it has been a fairly busy week in the shop this week, thank goodness. I have let each of the girls have an extra day off so that has helped....when there are not so many bodies around it at least makes it seem busier!

We have some fun new things that are going to happen at the shop in the next couple of weeks, we are starting to give complimentary hand massages to all our chemical clients. So when you are sitting waiting for your colour to process you will get a nice treat while you wait!

We are also trying to come up with some fun ideas to do a contest via our facebook site for a little New Year New Look idea is, for anyone that would like to have a brand new dramatic change for the New Year to come into the shop and enter our contest..we would take before and after pics and post them on our facebook group...people would then vote on what makeover they think is the best....the winner will receive complimentary hair cuts for 6 months??? What do you think???? Do you think anyone would be interested??

We have a pretty fun weekend planned, I am heading out for dinner with Robin and Lisa tomorrow night, they are going to be in Exciter so we are going to head to Eddingtons...can't wait, love those girls.....
Sat night, Terry and I are going to the Food and Wine Show with a couple from Terry's PAG group and my brother and his girlfriend! We have gone to the show for the last couple years and just love it.
Sunday should be just a nice relaxing day, I think I will make a really nice dinner, some homemade soup and I'm just not sure what else yet...
Monday I am heading into Toronto to do a bit of shopping and then....drum roll please.... I have Tuesday off ......ahh a mental day I guess, I actually don't know why I originally booked this day off, I kind of think that Terry and I were going to go away for a couple of days but then decided against it..and I guess I "forgot" to book myself into work again. So when I came across it a couple weeks ago, I just decided that I would take it off anyway!
I am so glad, I am going to spend the day doing some odd jobs that I have meaning to get caught up with and the most exciting part of the day will be going to see my old roommate and her babies...yep that's right babies...she had twins on the 27th of Dec and they are still at Sick Kids, so I am going to pop out there for a visit...I can't wait to see them all!
Oh that totally reminds me, I am making a growth chart for her as part of the baby I think I know what I will be doing on Sunday...finishing it...

Well that's about it for tonight,
happy birthday Jill!!

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